Ken Weiner, MD, FAED, CEDS

Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Ken Weiner has been active in the treatment of Eating Disorders in Denver for more than 30 years.  Recognized as a national expert in the treatment of Eating Disorders, he lectures extensively in the United States.  He continues to be instrumental in designing and delivering state-of-the- art, high quality patient care.

Dr. Weiner created and directed Columbine Psychiatric Center Eating Disorders Program from 1988-1992, Bethesda Eating Disorder Program from 1992-1998 and Eating Disorder Center of Denver from 2001-2007.  Eating Recovery Center was established October 2008 in Denver, Colorado as a joint effort with colleague Dr. Emmett Bishop.

Dr. Weiner is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine and has received the prestigious Gold Apple Teaching Award from the medical school and The Best Teacher Award from the Psychiatric Residency Training Program (2007). He has been named a Fellow of the Academy of Eating Disorders, a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and received the National Eating Disorders Award (2006) for co-founding the Eating Disorders Foundation in Colorado.  A dedicated clinician and teacher, Dr. Weiner has co-authored numerous articles on eating disorders.

“Eating Recovery Center is the only privately-owned behavioral health hospital for the treatment of eating disorders in the country, and one of the very few treatment programs offering comprehensive recovery services for male and female children, adolescents and adults.”

Craig Johnson, PhD, FAED, CEDS

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Craig Johnson has been a leader in the field of Eating Disorders for more than 35 years. He is the Chief Science Officer of Eating Recovery Center in Denver, Colorado. He is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma Medical School and has formerly held faculty appointments at Yale University Medical School, University of Chicago Pritsker School of Medicine and Northwestern University Feinberg Medical School. He was the Founding Editor of the International Journal of Eating Disorders, Co-Founder of the International Conference of Eating Disorders, Founder of the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED), Founding Member of the Eating Disorders Research Society, and Co-Founder and Past President of the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA). He has been a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) funded researcher for over 15 years and has authored over 80 research articles and three books. He has received distinguished contribution awards from AED, iAEDP, NEDA, ANAD, and the American Red Cross. NEDA also honored Dr. Johnson by creating the Craig Johnson Award for Clinical Excellence and Training, which is awarded annually.

“When it comes to lasting recovery, the most critical element is experience. Between Drs. Weiner, Mehler, Bishop, Bermudez and myself, there are no surprises in caring for patients with eating disorders. The benefit to patients and families is our ability to construct treatment plans that not only get patients well, but help them stay well after leaving Eating Recovery Center.”

Emmett Bishop, MD, FAED, CEDS

Founding Partner and Medical Director of Outpatient Services and Program Development

Emmett Bishop has more than 30 years experience in the treatment of eating disorders.  Formerly Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical College of Georgia, he was Director of Undergraduate Education in Psychiatry and completed research in psychosomatic medicine.  He has also completed drug studies and research with psychotropic medications and eating disorders.  Author and co-author of numerous articles in his field, he has lectured widely on eating disorders and psychotropic medications.

Since 1998, Dr. Bishop has worked on an assessment protocol for bariatric surgery candidates.  He has completed systematic research and has presented workshops at national conferences.  He is sought after as a consultant and advisor on bariatric psychological assessment. Dr. Bishop was medical director of the Clark Center Eating Disorders program in Savannah, Georgia 1986 – 1996 and Director of Outpatient Services at Eating Disorder Center of Denver 2003 – 2007.

He has served on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals since 1993 and is a past president.  He has been a member of the Academy for Eating Disorders since its inception in 1993 and currently serves as an Academy Fellow. Dr. Bishop has been a member of the Editorial Board of Eating Disorders Journal of Treatment and Prevention and the American Journal of Psychiatry, as well as other professional journals.

“The Pillars of Recovery—Values, Mindsight and Connectedness—help patients develop a sense for what they value in life, as well as an awareness of when those values apply and when completing one’s values requires connecting with others.”

Philip S. Mehler, MD, FACP, FAED, CEDS

Chief Medical Officer

As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Philip Mehler is the designated head of medical services across Eating Recovery Center’s full treatment spectrum, including Inpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient levels of care. Prior to joining Eating Recovery Center, Dr. Mehler served as Chief Clinical Officer and Medical Director of Denver Health and Hospital Authority after being promoted from his prior position of Chief Medical Officer of Denver Health. Dr. Mehler will also continue to serve part-time as Medical Director of the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders. Dr. Mehler began his career at Denver Health nearly 30 years ago and was formerly its Chief of Internal Medicine. He is the Glassman Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and has conducted research into the treatment of the most severe eating disorder cases and the complications that can arise in Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. Dr. Mehler has authored more than 350 publications, including a textbook, Medical Complications of Eating Disorders, which published by the Johns Hopkins University Press and is now in its second edition. Dr. Mehler was the recipient of the Academy of Eating Disorders 2012 Outstanding Clinician Award, has been recognized among the “Best Doctors in America” for the past 14 years, and was voted the “Top Internist in Denver” multiple times by 5280 magazine. Dr. Mehler is a member and fellow of the Eating Disorders Research Society and the Academy of Eating Disorders, as well as a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Eating Disorders. He has lectured extensively on a national and international level as the leading medical expert on the topic of medical complications of eating disorders.

Ovidio Bermudez, MD, FAAP, FSAHM, FAED, f.IAEDP, CEDS

Chief Clinical Officer and Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Services

Ovidio Bermudez, MD, is the Chief Clinical Officer and Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Services at Eating Recovery Center in Denver, Colorado. He holds academic appointments as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He is Board certified in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

Dr. Bermudez is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, the Academy for Eating Disorders and the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals. He is Past Chairman and Senior Advisor on Media for the Board of Directors of the National Eating Disorders Association, Co-Founder of the Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee (EDCT), Co-founder of the Oklahoma Eating Disorders Association (OEDA) and a founding member of Houston Eating Disorders Specialists (HEDS). He is a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals.

Dr. Bermudez has lectured nationally and internationally on eating disorders, childhood obesity and other topics related to pediatric and adult healthcare, and has been repeatedly recognized for his dedication and advocacy in the field of eating disorders.

“We have drifted away from shaming and blaming of families and have moved toward an understanding that families are an integral part of eating disorders treatment, not only in helping an individual respond well to treatment, but also go onto lasting recovery.”

Julie Holland Faylor, MHS, CEDS

Chief Marketing Officer

Julie Holland Faylor is Chief Marketing Officer for Eating Recovery Center in Denver, Colorado, and is widely recognized in the industry as both a clinician and public speaker. A Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, she has directed marketing and customer relationship management programs at several leading eating disorder treatment programs across the country.

Most recently, Julie served as Vice President, Business Development, Eating Disorders Programs for CRC Health Group, where she was responsible for the development and implementation of all intake, marketing and outreach efforts nationwide. Previously, she was the Executive Director of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals overseeing the credentialing program for CSATs. Julie has also served as Director, Professional Relations and Education at the Renfrew Centers of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Ft. Lauderdale, and as Director of the Eating Disorders Program at the Clark Center at Memorial Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia.

Julie has specialized in the treatment of self-esteem, eating and body image issues for adults and adolescents for more than 24 years. She maintained private practices in the U.S. and Bermuda, providing consultation and training to professionals and consumers. An Approved Supervisor for the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (iaedp™), Julie is also the Director of Certification for iaedp™ – the only certification worldwide for eating disorders professionals. In addition, she holds memberships in several marketing, healthcare and eating disorder organizations.

Julie received her Master’s degree in Health Science with an emphasis in Counseling from Georgia Southern University and her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Armstrong State College.

“We make a total commitment to our referring therapist. We have an ongoing dialogue, tapping into the resources and knowledge that have been accumulated prior admission and building on that information to make sure we are providing effective treatment that truly supports lasting recovery.”

Jane Miceli, MD

Medical Director of Adult Inpatient and Residential Services

Dr. Jane Miceli is the Medical Director of Adult Inpatient and Residential Services at Eating Recovery Center. She has over 20 years of psychiatric experience and has treated eating disorders and co-occurring illnesses in Eating Recovery Center’s inpatient/residential unit since 2010. Previously, she has worked in community mental health settings and in private practice, and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience through this work. Dr. Miceli loves working with Eating Recovery Center’s multidisciplinary professionals that share her values and strive to do their very best to help patients find their way towards healing and health.

Dr. Miceli graduated from the University of Colorado medical school with Honors and completed their Psychiatric Residency program. During her residency in psychiatry, she received the Charter Fellow Leadership Award from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (1993) and the Gold Apple Teaching Award from the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine (1991). Dr. Miceli worked at the Mental Health Center of Denver from 1993 to 2001, during which time she held the position of Associate Medical Director for Intake and Mobile Crisis Services. Dr. Miceli was in private practice from 2001-2010. She is Board Certified in Psychiatry, a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and a member of the Colorado Psychiatric Society, the Academy of Eating disorders and the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals.

“At Eating Recovery Center, our treatment philosophy emphasizes thorough assessment, innovative evidence-based interventions and comprehensive discharge planning to support lasting recovery outside of the structured treatment environment.”

Cindy Pikus, PhD

Senior Clinical Director of Adult Inpatient and Residential Services

Dr. Cindy Pikus has treated children, adolescents and adults with eating disorders for over 17 years. Dr. Pikus received her bachelor of arts degree and doctorate in clinical psychology from UCLA. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, during which time she began treating inpatients and outpatients struggling with eating disorders. She then joined the hospital staff to provide individual, family and group therapy in both the Adolescent Psychiatry department and in the UCLA Eating Disorders Program. As the UCLA Eating Disorders Program grew, Dr. Pikus became increasingly involved in program development and assumed the role of Associate Director, in which she coordinated and oversaw multidisciplinary clinical teams for the program’s adolescent and adult tracks, at both the inpatient and partial hospitalization levels of care. She also continued to provide individual and family therapy for adolescent and adult inpatients and partial hospital patients in the program, and ran UCLA’s adult outpatient eating disorders group.

Among her many achievements at the UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Dr. Pikus co-founded the UCLA Campus-wide Eating Disorders Partnership, bringing together the Resnick Hospital-based program, student counseling center and athletic department to promote collaboration across the departments on campus providing treatment to students with eating disorders. She brings to her roles as Eating Recovery Center’s Clinical Director of Adult Inpatient and Residential Services and Associate Chief Clinical Officer her extensive experience and expertise in working with eating disorder patients in multiple treatment modalities and at multiple levels of care.

Thomas King, MD

Medical Director of Adult Residential and Partial Hospital Services

Thomas B. King, MD, is the Medical Director of Adult Residential/Partial Hospital Services at Eating Recovery Center. Dr. King earned his MD at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, which included a summer fellowship at the Maudsley Institute in London, England, and graduated in 1973, followed by his Psychiatric Residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver, Colorado. His career in medicine includes more than 35 years experience as a psychiatrist, treating varying patient populations and age groups, both nationally and internationally. Most recently, Dr. King served as Medical Director and Staff Psychiatrist of Exempla West Pines Behavioral Health Services, and still currently holds a Psychiatry Private Practice in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. He is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, American Psychiatric Foundation, and Colorado Psychiatric Society, and his primary professional interests include psychotherapy, psychological development and teaching.

“The treatment process at Eating Recovery Center helps people work through the illusion of control that an eating disorder promotes, and come out on the other side where they can actually reaffirm themselves and take back control of their lives in a meaningful way.”

Elizabeth Easton, PsyD

Clinical Director of Child and Adolescent Services

Elizabeth Easton, Psy.D. is the Clinical Director of Child and Adolescent Services at Eating Recovery Center. She has played a vital role in the creation and development of the program’s Family-Centered Therapy model. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Easton is a therapist, supervisor, and speaker passionate about educating and empowering patients and parents to engage in the treatment and recovery process for eating disorders. She graduated with a Doctorate in Psychology from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. Dr. Easton completed her pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at The Children’s Hospital of Denver, specializing in individual, family and group therapy with The Eating Disorders Program, Anxiety and Mood Disorder Outpatient Clinics, and General Psychiatry Inpatient Units. Her integrative therapy approach spans psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based treatment and Family-Based Treatment modalities.

Bonnie Brennan, MA, LPC, CEDS

Senior Clinical Director of Adult Residential and Partial Hospital Services

Bonnie Brennan has been part of the Eating Recovery Center Team since its inception, playing an instrumental role in the development of the adult programs. An engaging speaker and educator, Bonnie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist. She is also the Education Committee Chair of the Denver Metro chapter of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals and a national and local member of the Association for Contextual Behavior Science. Bonnie has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Colorado at Denver. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree at the State University of New York.

Bonnie has worked in a variety of treatment settings, including outpatient private practice, intensive outpatient, residential and inpatient settings. Aside from her expertise working with eating disorders, she is deeply committed to helping lead patients, families and clinicians towards values-directed lives.

“The women and men struggling with eating disorders are incredibly sensitive and intelligent, and helping them find their voices, have hope and live a meaningful life is our objective at Eating Recovery Center.”

Nadine Dexter, RN, MSN

Chief Nursing Officer

Nadine Dexter, RN, MSN, has worked in psychiatric nursing for over 35 years in both clinical and administrative capacities. In her role as Chief Nursing Officer, Dexter oversees the nursing staff at Eating Recovery Center’s four Denver-based eating disorders treatment facilities, providing guidance and insight regarding the nursing management of eating disordered patients as part of the multidisciplinary treatment team.

Prior to joining the Eating Recovery Center clinical leadership team, Dexter served as Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Clinical Services for the Wyoming Behavioral Institute, where she was responsible for strategic and operational oversight for nursing, therapy, lab, pharmacy, infection control, dietetics and education services across the full spectrum of psychiatric disorders for adults, adolescents and children. She has also held director-level administrative positions at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Lawrence, Stormont Vail Medical Center and Menningers in Topeka, Kansas. Before moving into a series of administrative nursing roles, Dexter worked as a staff nurse/team nurse, including providing care to eating disordered patients.

In 2012, Dexter was named the Wyoming March of Dimes Nurse Administrator of the Year.

“While eating disorders are psychiatric illnesses, they are often accompanied by significant medical conditions. Eating Recovery Center’s nursing staff is skilled in managing the medical complications of eating disorders to help patients achieve lasting recovery.”

Russell Marx, MD

Associate Medical Director, Adult Inpatient Services

Russell Marx, MD has been involved in the eating disorders treatment field for over 25 years, most recently as the Director of the Adolescent Eating Disorders Program at the University of California, San Diego.  Prior to his position at UCSD, he was the Medical Director for 15 years of the hospital-based Eating Disorders Program at the University Medical Center at Princeton.  Dr. Marx graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and completed his Psychiatry Residency and Child Psychiatry Fellowship at the Stanford University School of Medicine.  He has served on the medical school faculties of Cornell University and theUniversity of California, San Diego.  Dr. Marx serves on the Board of Directors of the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and is currently the Treasurer and Chief Science Officer.  Additionally, he received NEDA’s “Outstanding Professional Achievement Award” in April 2014. Dr. Marx was a principal investigator in several research studies for new medications to treat eating disorders, is the author of It’s Not Your Fault, published by Random House, and serves on the editorial board of Eating Disorders Review. Visit the Eating Disorders Information Gateway to view a compilation of articles by Dr. Marx.

Anne Marie O’Melia, MS, MD

Attending Psychiatrist, Eating Recovery Center Behavioral Hospital for Adults

Anne Marie O’Melia, MS, MD is a Triple Board certified physician, with certifications in Pediatrics, General Psychiatry and a subspecialty certifications in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and in Psychosomatic Medicine. She has been listed in “Best Doctors in America” every year for the past 7 years. Prior to joining Eating Recovery Center’s Adult Services, Dr. O’Melia served as Medical Director of the Harold C. Schott Eating Disorders Program at the Lindner Center of HOPE at the University of Cincinnati. Her professional experience also includes having served as Medical Director of the Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center Inpatient and Partial Hospitalization Eating Disorders Program, Medical Director for Primary Children’s Medical Center Psychiatry Consult Liaison Service (Salt Lake City, UT) and Medical Director of the Eating Disorders and the Youth Services Programs at the University Neuropsychiatric Institute (Salt Lake City, UT). Dr. O’Melia was an Assistant Professor in the University of Cincinnati Departments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics. She earned her MS Education (Counseling Psychology) from the University of Kentucky College of Education, earned her MD with Distinction from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and completed her residency at theUniversity of Utah Triple Board Program. She has co-authored multiple articles on eating disorders served as a co-investigator for various clinical trials related to psychopharmacology in the treatment of eating disorders and depression.

Marla Scanzello, MS, RD

Director of Dietary Services

Marla Scanzello is committed to helping individuals with eating disorders develop a healthy relationship with food. A Registered Dietitian, she received her BS in Nutrition from the University of Arizona, completed her dietetic internship at Tufts-New England Medical Center and received a Master’s degree in Nutrition from Tufts University.

Marla has worked with patients at multiple levels of care at both Cambridge Eating Disorders Center and Klarman Eating Disorders Center at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts. She also has experience working with diabetes, GI disorders, heart disease and many other conditions as an outpatient dietitian at Kaiser Permanente. Marla has worked extensively with patients and families, implementing nutrition plans for patients suffering from anorexia, bulimia and eating disorders not otherwise specified (EDNOS).

“The role of nutrition services is very important in the treatment of an eating disorder. Our dietitians work with patients who are often terrified of eating, to help them eat, achieve a balanced pattern of nutrition and reach a healthy weight for optimal recovery.”

Jeana Cost, MS, LPC, NCC

Admissions Director

Jeana Cost is the Admissions Director at Eating Recovery Center. She has been with the center since 2010 and has worked in the mental health field for 10+ years. Jeana graduated with a BA in Psychology, a BS in Health Care Administration and a MS in Community Counseling from Minnesota State University Moorhead. She is recognized by the state of Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor and is certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors.

As the Admissions Director, Jeana oversees the Clinical Assessment process at Eating Recovery Center and its Partner Programs. She provides guidance and insight to her teams with regard to pre-admission patient assessment, treatment recommendations and collaboration with families and outpatient teams. She actively collaborates with medical and clinical leadership to identify the best care for patients and families.