Sarah H., former Eating Recovery Center patient

“My journey at Eating Recovery Center was one that I will never forget nor will I take it for granted. Upon admission, I felt hopeless, lost in my personal life, and confused of what to do next. After years of battling anorexia and being in treatment just years before, I didn’t believe in recovery.  However, my life was changed for the better in the months that I spent at Eating Recovery Center. I met the most authentic, genuine, and inspiring people. From my treatment team to the other clients that I spent much of my time with, I found a community of people who loved me for who I am rather than judged me for my past. This was a concept that I did not believe in before.  

I was challenged and pushed in ways that I didn’t know were possible. It was difficult, but as I reflect back on these moments I realize that I found peace within myself because I was becoming the person I wanted to be. There was never a period of time that I felt uncared for or alone in my fight against this disorder. The women, men, and staff that I met supported me and gave me hope when I didn’t know what to do next with my life. They showed me what care was when I couldn’t take care of myself, and they taught me how to start the self-care process. I was given a chance at life, a chance to live my perfectly imperfect life, and a chance to grow because of this treatment center! And I couldn’t ask for anything more than that gift.”

Brina J., RD, eating disorder professional

“I was absolutely blown away… Eating Recovery Center is miles above other treatment centers with the amount of expertise and research they have put into the program.”

Eeris K., parent of patient

“I remember the first day we came to the center, we were all lost confused and scared. Thank you for the constant care and encouragement, for listening for our needs as a family, for believing in recovery and in our family’s ability to heal and work together.

These last two months feel like a whole year, so much have happened and changed, our daughter has changed, and having her at home is such a milestone. It feels good. So nice to have our real daughter back!

Even though there is still a lot ahead of us, I feel that she is stronger in herself, and I feel stronger in my ability to support her thanks to your help and the resourceful family days, that was priceless! Witnessing so much pain and suffering must make your job one of the hardest jobs and I appreciate your presence, dedication and perseverance.”

Beth Ayn S., parent of patient

“My daughter received outstanding care and treatment from ERC on two separate occasions having to address two separate issues; the first was anorexia, and the second was bulimia. I am indebted to her treatment team who brought insight, wisdom and genuine interest to her treatment. The daily educational sessions and Family Days empowered me to confront her eating disorder. Recovery is possible.”

Abi C. – former Eating Recovery Center patient

“I have such an immense amount of gratitude towards Eating Recovery Center that cannot be expressed in words. Starting with my first call, Eating Recovery Center made it comfortable for me to reach out for help… I doubt I could be any more grateful for my team. You challenged my ideas and my thoughts that made me think deeper. “I won’t make it to twenty five”, “I don’t have time to take care of myself”, “Medication keeps me from being who I am”. All of [those ideas] were challenged… Nothing in my life will ever be perfect but great progress has been made. I finally don’t have to be sick and am okay with being okay… Thank you.”

Diane L., parent of patient

Our daughter’s odyssey with anorexia has been one of hills and valleys. We had already placed her in one program that had just given us temporary relief. Within a year the anorexia had come roaring back. This time we more carefully considered various treatment programs—each patient is different, each program is different. We felt that Eating Recovery Center was the best fit for our daughter’s situation. I count us blessed because we made the right decision! There is no magic bullet for anorexia. But Eating Recovery stopped the downward spiral and gave my daughter some precious time to regain some weight and learn appropriate coping skills. If you were to ask our daughter today, one year out, she would say she still hated the program. However, we can tell some major differences that have taken hold:

1. She has maintained an overall healthy weight.
2. She feels much more in control of her life.
3. She has taken responsibility for her actions.
4. She finally is engaging in counseling.

These things may seem minor to those who have not struggled with anorexia, but for our daughter these are huge differences in her outlook on life. She still continues to wrestle with the demons of her eating disorder, but we feel more optimistic as time has passed. Anorexia is like a giant ship—you can’t change course on a dime. Eating Recovery was like turning the wheel hard to starboard. Initially, the changes were small (with lots of anger!). But as time goes by, we have seen a significant course outlook. Part of this is due to the intensity of this program, part is due to the philosophy that anorexia is a family disorder. If we had brought are daughter home to the same environment (like we did last time), we would have returned to the exact same spot. The changes were not easy, and didn’t happen overnight. It was hard work for the entire family. But with time, we are beginning to have hope that this addiction may be defeated.

Shelley C., parent of patient

“I was so impressed with Eating Recovery Center and my daughter’s team there. The communication was amazing; we love each and every one of her treatment team members. I was so impressed with the parent education, it has been very helpful. We had full confidence in Eating Recovery Center and I am thankful that we were able to come there for treatment, I just wish we would have come there sooner!”


Beth H., Eating Disorder Professional

“As a referring professional, I feel confident sending my patients to Eating Recovery Center knowing that its staff is knowledgeable and trained to care for them both emotionally and medically with a balanced approach.”

-Beth H., Eating Disorder Professional

Therese W., Eating Disorder Professional

“The facilities are beautiful, the staff are engaged, happy and extremely knowledgeable and the experience you offer other professionals is valuable. Several aspects of the treatment stood out for me. Number one is that treatment is closely aligned with the best available current scientific evidence. I was also impressed that you are adding to the body of scientific evidence by engaging in research. I found your “Pillars of Recovery” very insightful and again, in line with current research and thinking about eating disorders. Finally, I was very impressed with your transitional care and coordination of care to a “home team.” The communication with the outpatient home team that you provide is crucial to the recovery process. Great job, Eating Recovery Center!”

-Therese W., Eating Disorder Professional

Laura C., former Eating Recovery Center patient

“Eating Recovery Center helped me solidify the person that I allowed myself to grow into. I grabbed onto EVERYTHING that I always wanted and it was like touching a hot stone. It burned, but the longer and more tightly I held onto it, it eventually fused with who I am. It became the very warmth inside me.”

-Laura C., former Eating Recovery Center patient

Lauren K., former Eating Recovery Center patient

“I arrived at the ERC ten weeks ago today scared, confused and sick. Today I am leaving confident, self-aware and healthy—but also a little sad: I will miss this place and these people. At the ERC I learned that food and body were only a symptom of an internal struggle. As refeeding awakened my mind and emotions, my therapists gently led me through the process of untangling the web of painful thoughts and feelings that was the source and maintaining factor of my ED. Along the way, I met many amazing and courageous men and women, some of whom will be my lifelong friends, and through their stories I gained a much deeper understanding of the nature of our often-misunderstood disease. My time at the ERC has been a life-changing ride. I has taken a lot of faith in my team (they deserved it!) and a lot of persistence—but it has been worth the effort all the way. I feel like an emotional weight has been lifted and now I can pursue the life I really want to live.”

-Lauren K., former Eating Recovery Center patient

Stephanie P., former Eating Recovery Center patient

“Eating Recovery Center has given me the tools and skills to live a happy, healthy life. The staff and doctors have inspired me by how caring and supportive they are. I now have the strength and motivation to move forward with my recovery and with my life. Thank you for all caring about me as an individual—you have treated me with love and care and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

-Stephanie P., former Eating Recovery Center patient

Elisabeth P., Registered Dietitian

“In the fall of 2009, a gentleman called my office requesting that I see his daughter for a consult. Prior to our first visit, he informed me that they, the parents, had decided to place their daughter in the Eating Recovery Center, and he asked my opinion. At that time I was only marginally familiar with Eating Recovery Center, and in addition, I did not know his daughter or her needs and had never worked with a client returning from Eating Recovery Center. She returned to me in February 2010 prepared to finish her recovery in the outpatient setting. She received excellent care at Eating Recovery Center and is currently in a state of full recovery. Experience teaches us that the risk of relapse increases when clients integrate back into their life after inpatient treatment. My client received the tools and had an opportunity to practice them in the Eating Recovery Center environment which enabled her to develop, nurture and integrate them in the outpatient setting. She is currently in a state of full recovery from her eating disorder and she is living a joyful life, one she never thought she could have.

Recently visited Eating Recovery Center and I now have a good understanding and appreciation of the program and why it is successful in helping people recover from eating disorders:

- Elisabeth P., Registered Dietitian

Susan G., Eating Disorder Professional

“I found that visiting Eating Recovery Center and having the opportunity to observe the program was invaluable to me as an outpatient clinician. I feel very comfortable referring a patient to Eating Recovery Center after the visit. It is obvious that their primary focus is first and foremost patient care, which aligns perfectly with my own values as a provider.”

- Susan G., Eating Disorder Professional

Theresa L., Eating Disorder Professional

“I am very impressed with the programs at Eating Recovery Center. The facilities are among the most well designed and thoughtful clinical environments. It was obvious, from the start of my visit, that the staff and clinicians are dedicated, motivated and well-trained. After spending two days visiting, the most impressive aspect of the Center is the details and structure of the programs for eating disorders treatment – it is some of the most progressive and forward-thinking treatment that can be found. This is clearly one of the most clinically advanced centers, utilizing approaches and strategies for care that are top notch. This program has everything you could ask for in a treatment center.”

- Theresa L., Eating Disorder Professional

Sharon P., Eating Disorders Professional

“ERC offers a complete program by utilizing a variety of services: inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and residential. I am impressed by the treatment given to eating disorder clients that includes tracking “temperament” and “character.” DBT seems to leave out many factors including self-directedness. After hearing Dr. Bishop speak [about ERC treatment philosophies], I am motivated to learn more about ACT.”

-Sharon P., Eating Disorders Professional

Allison C., Eating Disorders Professional

“I had the pleasure of working with Eating Recovery Center staff recently as they took care of one of my clients. Typically when I send someone to inpatient treatment, I don’t hear a word from the facility’s staff but Eating Recovery Center was on the ball with making sure my client’s outpatient team was in the loop during treatment and especially just prior to discharge. My description of Eating Recovery Center: thorough, professional, cutting-edge, holistic, dedicated to relapse prevention and 100% cooperative with the outpatient team. I will be sending patients here again and again and again!”

- Allison C., Eating Disorder Professional

Pam K., Nutritionist

“I am impressed and encouraged by Eating Recovery Center. Knowing that I can recommend this facility to my patients and their families with full confidence makes this difficult situation much more tolerable. Thank you for your forward-thinking program based in both knowledge and evidence.”

-Pam K., Nutritionist

Sam L., Licensed Professional Counselor

“As an outpatient provider, I appreciate the emphasis that ERC places on empirically validated, cutting edge treatment approaches. ERC is the benchmark for excellence in eating disorder treatment.”

-Sam L., Licensed Professional Counselor

Mary K., parent of patient

“After four years of closed doors for recovery via inpatient treatment for my daughter who had relapsed after 15 years of walking in recovery, I found hope for her recovery through the program offered at Eating Recovery Center. My husband and our adult children received similar hope through family therapy and Family Days experiences. I am grateful especially because another relapse in my daughter’s life might prove to be fatal due to her long term battle to recovery. I am trusting that ERC can help patients who come to have a “successful” (not perfect) recovery when there has not been “success” in previous programs.”

- Mary K., parent of Eating Recovery Center patient

Melissa M., parent of patient

“My daughter’s team at Eating Recovery Center worked impeccably together to serve her recovery. They were innovative, focused, kind, steadfast and highly attuned to my daughter. She received not only healing that was life saving but education this is foundational for positive entry into young adulthood. If your child needs inpatient treatment, Eating Recovery Center is the place to go!”

-Melissa M., parent of Eating Recovery Center patient

Beverly K., parent of patient

“It is so helpful to not have to grope around in the dark with so many of the issues of a complicated disease that threatens the life and well being of those you hold most dear to your heart. Family Days gives me knowledge that serves as a tool to not only help us as parents, but to help us better support our loved ones.”

-Beverly K., parent of Eating Recovery Center patient

DJ H., parent of patient

“This is my third Family Days in three months. I was a bit apprehensive about attending a third—would I be bored? But each time I’ve come I learned more or learned more deeply or understood on a different level. Having a child with anorexia is so exhausting—mentally, emotionally, financially—and coming here and learning gives me a sense of strength and purpose. I’m also sustained by the knowledge level and what dedicated and intelligent and caring professionals you are!

-DJ H., parent of Eating Recovery Center patient


Kelli E., former patient

“I think there are times in each of our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroads. One of mine came when I entered treatment at ERC. I know that I needed help. I wanted help. I could not longer live the way I was at the time. My eating disorder and other destructive ways were no longer helping me cope with life. They were killing me.

Once I walked through the doors at ERC I know I was in a safe place. I could learn to drop my guard, trust the staff, and face the very hard things that needed to be addressed. I learned to look at things in new ways. The staff taught me how to identify my values and what is dear to me, and how to start reframing my thoughts and actions to become more congruent with those values. During my time at ERC I learned that my emotions are not bad, and can not be ignored. I can experience my emotions and not need to use behaviors to try and turn them off.

I’ve learned that true healing and recovery does not come easily. I’ve also learned that not every day is a great day, and that’s OK. But even my hard days now are not as bad as most of my days before treatment at ERC. I am continuing to work on things in outpatient at ERC, and am in a weekly body image group there. I find that both of these things help keep me recovery focused. Without the intentional follow-up care at ERC I know that recovery would be very difficult.

I’m learning to pursue life with passion, and know that I can orchestrate my life how I want it to be from here on out. I know have choices, and I’m learning how to voice my needs and not let my eating disorder speak for me.

My goal, no longer is just to endure live. I want to enjoy life, embrace it, and truly feel contentment and fulfillment. I truly know that without the compassion and care I received at ERC I wouldn’t be able to have this outlook on life.

The programs, but more importantly, the people at ERC helped me to see that I do indeed deserve to be happy and can be happy. They loved me when I felt unlovable. They cared for me until I could start to care for myself again. They gently but firmly challenged me, and most of all, they had faith in me that I could succeed in this fight. For that I will always be more than grateful. “

- Kelli E., former Eating Recovery Center patient

Stephanie B., former patient

“After ten years of treatment and five prior treatment centers, my hope for recovery from Anorexia was next to nothing. I fought to get my insurance to cover treatment, and my Dr. in Austin, Dr. Tyson, recommended the Eating Recovery Center in Denver. I figured this was my last chance. I would either recover, or I would die.

The Eating Recovery Center literally saved my live. I thought I was there wouldn’t be anything new that I could learn to help me recover, but I was wrong. In my initial meeting with my treatment team , Dr. Weiner focused on what was maintaining my eating disorder, rather than what caused it. This was new to me. He used the metaphor of a fly trapped in a house that kept smacking against a window trying to get out, not realizing that there was an open door. I was that fly that just kept hitting the window. He said their job was to help me find the door and fly through it.

I have never been introduced to Dr. Bishop’s concept of values, which I found key to my recovery. Once I gained self-awareness about my values, I really couldn’t go back to the eating disorder. It simply didn’t serve my values!

Another influential element in this program was learning about my temperament through the TCI. My therapist and Dr. Weiner reviewed it with me and I learned to embrace my “turtle” nature. Suddenly, it made sense to me why I felt so out of place, being a turtle in a “hare’s” world!

A third paramount aspect of the ERC’s curriculum was learning about experiential avoidance. I had always been taught to embrace it and meditate on it! What a concept! Through my faith in my treatment team, I did embrace it, and it slowly diminished. I was stunned.

While I know that recovery is a process, not an event, I finally have hope that I can live a life free from my eating disorder. I can live a values-driven life. I understand myself and my true nature. Ten years of solid treatment and five previous treatment centers, and I now have hope.

I owe my life to all of the staff that invested so much time and energy into making sure that my treatment this time was different than all of the previous ones. With their support, I can truly say that I am well on my way towards recovery. Thank you. I will always hold a special places in my heart for the Eating Recovery Center. Thanks to the incredibly talented, insightful and skilled staff at the Eating Recovery Center, I have been given a gift I had never thought possible: Recovery and Healing.”

Stephanie B.
, former Eating Recovery Center patient

Emily S., former patient

The Eating Recovery Center absolutely changed my life; I can’t imagine a more appropriate program to give me the tools to combat my eating disorder. For the first time in months I felt connected to the people around me; I felt so safe with all of the other patients and staff, really willing to express myself and solicit feedback. I felt like my team was well-matched with my needs as an individual and I adored my therapist. I also thought the program was creative with its outings, really utilizing the surrounding areas and weather changes well. I also liked the lessons which I thought appealed to all the different aspects of my ED, from my internal thoughts to my external body image, from the psychological to physiological. I learned so much about the traits of the disorder and all of the parts about my character and inner landscape that I had never taken the time to appreciate. I am so grateful for the ERC.

-Emily S., former Eating Recovery Center patient

Amelia T., former patient

“While I was here, I found the ability to turn around. With awareness, I found a turning point. I saw my broken self still able to smile and I began to understand. With understanding, things have shifted. There are moments of pain, but in the pain, I found myself capable of pushing through.

I’ve let myself care. I’ve let myself love. I found the fight inside that never lets go. I’ve fought so hard. When it feels like I can’t do it for me, I let myself hold on for others. I let myself hold their positive thoughts and words close to my heart, till once again, I can hold on for me. I’ve seen myself make the progress that I never thought I’d make. I see myself, today, in a place I never thought I’d be.

I faced the monster inside recently, I didn’t fight it. I didn’t feed it. I had it sit down and I gave it some tea (Chai of course-it needs a little spice). It’s not about running away. It’s not about denying the feelings inside. It’s not about pushing away the thoughts. For me, it’s about acceptance, acceptance of all parts of me.

I accept that recovery is a unique process. I used to wish that I was further ahead in the process and that got me nowhere, until I let myself be in the moment with my experience. Everyone takes their own path on this road. For me, it has been a long journey. It has been multiple treatments, yet, every time, I learn something. Every time, I make strides, steps, and even slips. This time, I have grown in more ways than I ever thought possible. With the birth of maturity my true self has emerged. At times, I felt stuck in moments, but really, I never am because the world is constantly moving and in flux. During this treatment, I spoke from my reality in groups, rather than the easy connection I have with intellect.

I have never been so accepting, open, and speaking from the heart. I am finally in touch with me, with my heart, and with my intuition. I have many sides. I go up and down. I get scared. I get excited. I can hold many emotions at the same time. Even in the worst of times, I can get through. I can smile in depression. I can engage when I’m distant. I can listen and offer support to others. I am capable. I am worthy. I’m curious. The curiosity keeps me moving and going and exploring and hoping. I deserve connection. I deserve recovery. I deserve life.

This treatment was worth it. I am not a failure for coming here. Things do happen for a reason. I couldn’t have come to the place that I’m at without this treatment and without the staff. They helped and added to my experience. They helped me to survive and more so, they helped me to live.”

-Amelia T., former Eating Recovery Center patient