Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my loved one has a doctor’s appointment? Is it safe for them to go into medical offices where people possibly infected with coronavirus may have been?

For current patients who have medical appointments, we are working closely with their outpatient providers to ensure the safest care of our patients who need urgent services at their centers. We will be helping our patients to understand how to protect themselves by following known protective measures such as thorough, frequent handwashing.

Q: What if someone in the treatment center, such as a patient or staff member, is exhibiting symptoms?

If anyone exhibits a fever or lower respiratory symptoms, we will isolate them comfortably in a room with a closed door as quickly as possible. Once medical staff has taken precautionary measures, they will make sure the person is stable and our senior medical leadership will work with the patient and their family or staff member to determine the most appropriate next steps. We will not be treating any patients with coronavirus at our treatment centers.

Q: I am/my loved one is in your care now. How will I know if coronavirus becomes a threat at the treatment center?

We are committed to sharing information quickly, accurately and responsibly. We will reach out to you directly to inform you of any concern or incident immediately.

Q: Can you test for coronavirus in your centers?

All testing is done through regional health departments in collaboration with CDC, therefore we don’t have testing capabilities for the coronavirus in our treatment centers. Anyone exhibiting potential symptoms will be sent home or to a medical healthcare center.

Q: Are you still holding family events?

Yes, but all Family Days are now taking place in a virtual setting. Your treatment team will provide you with information and instructions for joining.

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