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Elite Daily
Here's How to Cope With the Holidays When You're Recovering From an Eating Disorder


Ultimately, the holidays are not about the food. "The holidays are really about spending quality time with people you love," Neeru Bakshi, MD, FAPA, CEDMD, medical director at Eating Recovery Center, tells Elite Daily. "That said, take the focus o food, and place it on connecting with family and friends."

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New York Times
To Treat Eating Disorders, It Sometimes Takes Two


“I always felt really guilty,” she said. “I wanted to do these things for him, but something was just not letting me.” Seven months into their marriage, in 2013, she checked herself into the Eating Recovery Center, in Denver, for a three month stay. Mr. Hill did telephone sessions with her and her therapist, and also flew in to do in-person therapy. He also went to support groups with spouses of other patients, along with some patients. They would hold a question and answer period to help spouses deal with their mates. He found it helpful to ask questions that he couldn’t ask his wife, like what factors they felt contributed to her eating disorders, and why she had entered treatment now.

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Westchester Family
Children and Eating Disorders


Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and in less than a decade, children under the age of 12 admitted to the hospital for eating disorders rose 119 percent.

While these statistics can be frightening to parents, there are some things you can do to be proactive in the fight against eating disorders, such as understanding the warning signs, knowing how and when to approach your child if you have concerns about weight, and learning the role of the family in the treatment and recovery processes of an eating disorder.

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6 Reasons the Keto Diet Is NOT for You


The keto craze is in full force: More and more people are Googling, hashtagging and following a ketogenic diet these days. But unlike other trendy diets, many experts say this one is actually worth trying.

The bad news? Like any eating plan — expert-approved or not — the keto diet isn’t for everyone. Keep reading for some signs you should sit this one out.

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How to Survive Thanksgiving While You're Recovering from an Eating Disorder


When one typically thinks of celebrating Thanksgiving, they might think of warm family reunions, bountiful spreads of food that took hours to prepare, that feeling of fullness after the main feast. But for someone who has struggled with an eating disorder the holidays aren't always so joyful. 


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Children Living with Anxiety Often Don't Get the Help They Need


A growing number of children under 10 are living with anxiety, but several factors keep many from receiving treatment.

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Fit Bottomed Girls
Discussing an Eating Disorder: Tips for a Successful Dialogue


Here’s a scary and rarely discussed stat: eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and suicide rates are 23 percent higher in those with eating disorders than in the general population. In addition, for those with eating disorders, rates of death are elevated compared to those suffering from other mental health disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Because this topic is so important — and alarmingly, on the rise — we reached out to Jamie Manwaring, primary therapist at Eating Recovery Center in Denver, for her tips on how to talk to a loved one who’s suffering from an eating disorder.

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Business Insider
12 Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder that May Surprise You


There is no shortage of myths about eating disorders out there that continue to prevail — but the truth is that people of all ages, genders, and body types can develop an eating disorder.

INSIDER spoke with three mental health experts who told us how seemingly harmless (or healthy) habits can turn into a full-blown eating disorder.

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Chicago Tribune
From the Community: Students At Risk: Mental Health in America


The needs of students are many. During my years as a teacher it became abundantly clear to me that some important needs of the student were beyond the scope of the teacher. I went back to school and obtained my masters in Professional Counseling and completed two years of clinical training to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. I returned to public and private schools as a full-time mental health counselor. This new role allowed me to work alongside all students, families and staff. After teaching for over a decade, I thought I understood the needs of students...until my first year as a mental health counselor. 

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the University Star
Routes for Understanding and Seeking Help for an Eating Disorder


Stress levels from school, work and moving away from home can subject students to unhealthy eating habits. However, students can educated themselves on eating disorders and where/how to get help.

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How Yoga Played an Integral Part in my Eating Disorder Recovery


Yoga and meditation teacher Georgina Berbari shares her personal journey to recovery from an eating disorder through yoga.

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