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Eating Recovery Center Expands its Renowned Binge Eating Treatment and Recovery Program to Sacramento



Eating Recovery Center (ERC), a world-class leader in providing quality care for eating disorders and related conditions, announces today the expansion of its Binge Eating Treatment and Recovery Program to Eating Recovery Center, California (ERC California) in Sacramento. The Binge Eating Treatment and Recovery Program is a comprehensive treatment program dedicated to helping people with Binge Eating Disorder, “compulsive overeating,” night eating, emotional eating and related behaviors. In addition, the program addresses comorbid and contributing issues including mood, anxiety, and trauma symptoms that can be contributing and maintaining factors to an eating disorder.

More than 12 million Americans will suffer from binge eating disorder in their lifetime, and it is now considered to be the most common eating disorder in the United States. Despite these statistics, binge eating disorder is a widely misunderstood and often underdiagnosed mental disorder.

“Because of a lack of understanding, many people who suffer from binge eating or compulsive eating behaviors are unaware that they even have an eating disorder, which means that they don’t know how or when to access necessary treatment,” says Anne Marie O’Melia, MS, MD, FAAP, Chief Medical Officer of Eating Recovery Center. “The good news is that these conditions are highly treatable, and by expanding ERC’s Binge Eating Treatment and Recovery Program to our center in Sacramento, we not only increase awareness about these conditions, but more importantly offer a specialized program that will help these patients find long-lasting recovery.”

Symptoms of binge eating disorder include eating large amounts of food, feeling out of control with food, overeating episodes at a frequency of at least once a week for three months or more, “emotional eating,” and accompanying feelings of distress, shame, and/or guilt.

In addition to Dr. Anne Marie O’Melia, the Binge Eating Treatment and Recovery Program’s leadership team includes renowned eating disorder expert Julie Friedman, PhD, National Senior Director at Eating Recovery Center. Each patient is treated by a multidisciplinary care team including an individual and family therapist, psychiatrist, internal medicine physician and registered dietitian, to address the eating behaviors as well as the underlying psychological issues and medical complications that can be associated with the disease. At least 65% of binge eating disorder patients meet the criteria for mood, anxiety and trauma-related disorders and as many as 26% meet the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“Binge eating disorder, like other eating disorders, tends to be neurobiologically based with many emotional, social and behavioral components to it,” says Julie Friedman, PhD, National Senior Director at Eating Recovery Center. “At ERC, we treat not only the eating behaviors but also the depression, anxiety and trauma that can contribute to eating disordered behaviors, and we do it all under one roof,” says Friedman. “This collaborative approach to care, coupled with the expertise and experience of the patient care team, is critical to long-lasting recovery.”

Covered by most insurance plans, ERC California’s Binge Eating Treatment and Recovery Program includes a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adults. Compared to most other PHP’s that provide an average of 40 hours of care per week, ERC’s PHP offers a unique standard of care as it provides over 60 hours of intense treatment a week.

In addition to California, ERC offers its Binge Eating Treatment and Recovery Program at nine additional locations in Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas and Washington.

ERC California is located at 3610 American River Drive, Suite 140 in Sacramento. To find out more about the Binge Eating Treatment and Recovery Program, as well as other eating disorder-related programs and services, please call (916) 574-1000 or visit

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Eating Recovery Center (ERC) is the only national, vertically integrated, health care system dedicated to the treatment of serious eating and related disorders at any stage of the illness. ERC offers best-in-class treatment programs for all patients, no matter their age or gender, struggling from: anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, eating and weight disorder, unspecified eating disorders, as well as comorbid, co-occurring and dual diagnoses. Led by the world’s leading experts in eating disorder treatment, ERC provides a full spectrum of eating disorder recovery services through an unmatched network of multiple locations across seven states.

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