Episode 27: Fuel on the Flame- Alcohol and Eating Disorders


Lindsey Hall feels like a giant, eight-year-long black hole devoured her late teens and 20's. Years that should have been spent figuring out who she was and what she cared about were erased by something called "Drunkorexia" - a nonmedical term for the fusion of alcoholism and anorexia.

An accomplished writer and authentic voice for recovery, Lindsey brings us along on her journey of discovering how precious life truly is. 

You can find Lindsey's work at ihaventshavedinsixweeks.com or on Instagram @lindseyhallwrites. 



About Me:

Lindsey Hall is an award winning eating disorder speaker and writer, focusing on the gritty recovery topics not often discussed. She the author behind "I Haven't Shaved in Six Weeks," a blog written to humanize the stigmas of eating disorders and treatment. Through her published writing, she has had the privilege of speaking around the world on nuanced topics such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Drunkorexia, Exercise Addiction, Orthorexia and other eating disorder behaviors, and has been featured in publications including TODAY Show, CBS, Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, SheKnows, NEDA, SHAPE Magazine, Refinery29, and more. Her future plans in recovery advocacy are currently focused on owning and converting a van to take it on the road, so she can report on treatment centers and eating disorder resources around the country in a dream she's envisioned as "Recovery on the Road." To learn more about Lindsey or follow her journey, please visit www.ihaventshavedinsixweeks.com or follow her on Instagram at lindseyhallwrites.  

Fun Facts:

  • I've played piano for 22 years and my guilty pleasure STILL to play is 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion
  •  I'm allergic to broccoli and cauliflower (how random) - something I wish I had known as a kid when my mom used to force me to eat them :)
  • I lived in Seville, Spain for a year as a nanny - and then fell in love with someone and ran off to England to be with them until my visa ran out. Also, I can't roll my 'R's and it made speaking Spanish very difficult.
  • I was born with Scoliosis and wore a back brace for 16 hours a day for one year, eleven months, and five days (believe me, you remember the dates of these types of things)
  • I'm on a mission to buy a van, convert it, and take it around the sates exploring other eating disorder treatment centers and writing about them. 


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