Episode 21: Obstacles in Recovery - How to Cope with Anxiety, Depression and PTSD


Have you ever felt crippled by anxiety and the traumatic effects of life? If so, join us for this enlightening episode as we hear from McCall Dempsey (you may remember her from episode #14). She shares the process of choosing to stay in eating disorder recovery even in the midst of depression, trauma and PTSD. Cultivating the art of coping allowed her to thrive in extremely difficult situations and shows us all that recovery is a process of living fully.



About Me:

Beautiful, intelligent, outgoing, quirky, sensitive, witty, magnetic, creative, loving, compassionate, intuitive… Over six years ago these words did not exist in my self description vocabulary.  I was drowning in a pool of self-hatred, a prisoner in my own mind suffering from a severe eating disorder.  For over fifteen years, my life was strung together with exhausting efforts to achieve an unrealistic ideal of perfection.  The scale and the size of my jeans dictated my day, my mood and my life. On the outside, I seemingly had it all together, but I was slowly killing myself behind closed doors.
I felt I was destined to live in my secret hell, until one day a friend came along, took my hand and guided me to the help I so desperately needed. It took me months to say eating disorder, and even longer to admit the severity of my illness. Not me, it was not possible. I was the picture perfect southern girl: handsome husband, beautiful family, great career, busy social life.  And while all of my blessings were very real, I was never able to be fully present in my life. I pushed everyone away, even my husband, to protect my secret – my eating disorder. 
In the fall of 2010, I deteriorated very quickly, both mentally and physically. I hit rock bottom. I no longer had the energy to put on the happy face. I wanted to go to sleep and never wake up. It took me hitting rock bottom to realize the severity of my illness. With the help, love and support of my therapist and my husband, I found the courage to admit myself into treatment. Learn more about Southern Smash here and follow them on Facebook here!

Fun facts:

  • Nicknames: M-C, Mimsy, McManing, McDempsey, Call
  • Favorite activities: anything on the beach, yoga and paddle boarding.
  • Favorite food: mexican (all day every day), boiled crabs, avocado 
  • ​Favorite teams: Ole Miss, LSU Tigers, Saints, UNC Tar Heels
  • Favorite Show: Ellen Show (Going to a taping is at the top of my bucket list)
  • Most grateful for: my two babies

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