Episode 30: The Secrets of B.T. Harman


Growing up gay, Christian, and the son of a church pastor in The South, author and podcast creator BT Harman knew how to suppress his own voice in order to fit in. Yet, at what costs? Anxiety, depression, and deep loneliness seemed to follow him at every turn. 

We travel with BT as he mines the secret journals of his early life in order to share with the world the liberty of authenticity. His story is relevant to anyone from any background looking to declare freedom from shame and make this the year that they own their truth. 


About Me:

B.T. Harman is a strategist, writer, and speaker living in Atlanta's historic Cabbagetown neighborhood.

He was previously Vice President of Client Experience for Booster, an innovative school fundraising company based out of Atlanta. Between 2005-2016, B.T. was a key player in helping Booster raise more than $150 million for American schools. Within Booster, B.T. led a team of creatives that developed high-end character and leadership content for more than 1.3 million students annually.

B.T. is also the creator of the blog & podcast, Blue Babies Pink, "A Southern Coming Out Story in 44 Episodes." More than 1.3 mil episodes of the BBP podcast have been downloaded since it released in 2017. It was a top 40 podcast worldwide in March of that year.

Today, B.T. is a freelance content-creator for millennials and the brands that serve them. His consulting work focuses on brand strategy, design, marketing, social media, leadership, and more.

B.T. has also just released his second narrative-style podcast. Catlick is a historical true crime podcast that follows a remarkable series of events that occurred in Atlanta in the early 1900s.

B.T.’s other passions include storytelling, leadership, good design, antiques, Seth Godin, SEC football, European travel, Roman history, archaeology, and Chick-fil-A.

To meet B.T., check out btharman.com


  • I am a spelling bee champion (Lauderdale Co. Alabama, 1993).
  • I have a cat named Walnut. He has the world’s fluffiest tale.
  • My favorite place on earth is the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland.
  • My husband and I both have the same name (Brett) which is why I now go by B.T.

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