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Searching for Better Treatment for Eating Disorders

December 16, 2021
Dr. Elizabeth Wassenaar and ERC alum Eric Dorsa provide their insight and experience in this in-depth article on eating disorder treatment.

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In 2017, Hennie Thomson checked herself into a hospital for six weeks of in-patient treatment for anorexia nervosa. She was compulsively over-exercising — running, spinning or cross-training three to four hours daily. She ate only one meal each day of the same four foods. And she felt she had hit the bottom of a deep depression.

In the hospital, she would be observed around the clock and her meals would be communal and strictly monitored by health-care staff. She could do no exercise, and would even have an escort to the bathroom.

“It was very overwhelming; I hated losing control and I cried for the first couple of weeks,” recalls Thomson, 27, who works as a portfolio manager in scientific publishing in Oxford, UK. “But I knew I needed it if I was going to ever feel better and recover.”

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