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Eating Disorders Rising in Younger Children Care2, the largest online community empowering people to lead a healthy lifestyles while taking action on important causes, recently cited the insights of Dr. Craig Johnson, Eating Recovery Center's Chief Clinical Officer, in an article detailing the rising incidence of eating disorders in younger children. Read an excerpt of the article below, or click here to view the article in its entirety. The cause of eating disorders remains unknown, with more research being carried out about biological factors; family dynamics are no longer thought to provide the full answer, as was once the case. The influence of culture and societal pressures that equate being thin and looking good with moral worth and success do play some part. A child who sees their parents worrying about their weight and diet can internalize similar concerns, instead of learning to accept their bodies and to exercise for health and fitness, not solely to lose weight. With all this said, eating disorders remain a serious health issue for women. Los Angeles Times reports that as much as a third of female college athletes in the US have an eating disorder. Female college athletes who leave their sports, for health and other reasons, especially face challenges, after years of training and working out at intense levels. Craig Johnson, chief clinical officer of Eating Recovery Center in Denver, notes that the NCAA follows athletes who are competing, but “once the athletes have moved out of their oversight, they don’t really have the resources to follow them” — and the transition process is precisely when now-former athletes need support, especially as they no longer have their team members and coaches to rely on. Read more.

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