Eating Recovery Center In the News: The Denver Post

Former plus-size model gets out the message: "Healthy Is the New Skinny" "Fat Talk Free Week" 2011 is upon us! In today's edition of The Denver Post, a former model discusses her struggles to be accepted at a "normal" size and the new campaign that seeks to communicate that "healthy is the new skinny." In the article, Dr. Ovidio Bermudez, Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Services at Eating Recovery Center, shares insights on the effects of "fat talk" on children, and shares strategies for modeling healthy behaviors and promoting positive body image in children and teens. Read an excerpt of the article below, or click here to view the article in its entirety. "When we engage in 'fat talk' and critique our own bodies or the bodies of others, we teach children to value thinness above all else," said Dr. Ovidio Bermudez, medical director of child and adolescent services at Eating Recovery Center in Denver. "This excessive focus on body shape and size creates an unrealistic ideal in the minds of children upon which body image issues and eating disorders can develop." With the launch of her website,, Halchishick plans to take her message into schools and college campuses, and cut through the confusion about health and weight and beauty, to share what she and other "normal" models and athletes have found to be true. "We found our happiness in our health. We can show you how to be beautiful and glamorous and healthy and this is what it looks like," says Halchishick. Read more.

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