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Eating Disorders Resources Updated: Supportive Organizations for You, Friends and Loved Ones Each week, Eating Recovery Center’s Chief Marketing Officer Julie Holland, MHS, CEDS, a clinician with almost 30 years experience in the treatment of eating disorders, shares advice and insights with readers of In the most recent installment of her blog, The Truth About Eating Disorders, Julie discusses valuable resources available to provide education and support recovery. Read the full blog post below, or visit Eating disorders are the deadliest mental illness, currently affecting more than 11 million Americans. If you are – or know – one of the millions of people struggling with these diseases, asking questions and educating yourself about eating disorders can be the first step in changing your life or the life of a loved one. A multitude of resources are available to help you educate yourself, from local, community-focused organizations to national associations, financial support options and non-profits with a mission. Previously, I’ve written about eating disorders resources; however have recently updated the list. There are many valuable resources available to provide education and support recovery. National and regional eating disorders resources Resources and support for eating disorders are available across the country. Depending on where you find yourself in the search for treatment, a regional or national group may offer the best support for you and your loved ones. Here are just a few of the national and regional resources available. Body Balance Coalition 913.631.3800 ext. 102 | Dr. Michelle Micsko This Kansas City-based organization brings eating disorders professionals from both the Missouri and Kansas together to provide assistance to individuals struggling with eating disorders. Columbia River Eating Disorder Network A group of professionals in Oregon and southern Washington dedicated to providing qualified eating disorders treatment and promoting community awareness of eating disorders. Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa An organization comprised of Iowa community members, families and professionals with a passion to prevent eating disorders and promote hope and healing for eating disordered individuals. Eating Disorder Recovery Support 415.898.9839 | A resource focused on prevention and education, it offers educational information and referral sources in the San Francisco bay area. National Association for Men with Eating Disorders 239.775.1145 | One of the only organizations in the United States geared specifically to men with eating disorders. It offers support and strives to educate the public on males with eating disorders. Oklahoma Eating Disorder Association 405.418.4448 | This association focuses on preventing disordered eating behaviors by promoting awareness and supporting positive body image throughout Oklahoma and the surrounding states. Reaching Out Against Eating Disorders 516.510. 9001 | A New York City-based organization addressing the needs of individuals struggling with disordered eating behaviors as well as their families and friends. Financial support resources for eating disorders treatment Due to the complex nature of eating disorders, treatment is rarely an in-and-out process. It can take weeks, months and even years for individuals to reach full recovery. Families and individuals can find help for this journey in the financial support resources available. Here’s a brief list of financially minded resources. Kirsten Haglund Foundation Kirsten Haglund, a former Miss America and eating disorders patient, created this foundation to encourage individuals to stand up for their health and help secure financial aid for those seeking treatment. Manna Scholarship Fund 770.495.9775; ext. 107| Based in Georgia, this scholarship opportunity provides funds for residential and inpatient eating disorders treatment for individual lacking adequate insurance coverage. Mentor Connect Mentor Connect strives to connect people with relevant mentors to guide individuals struggling with eating disorders through the treatment and recovery processes. Moonshadow’s Spirit In memory of Jennifer Mathiason, this funding organization offers financial assistance to individuals seeking treatment in inpatient or partial hospitalization eating disorders programs. Project HEAL 866.785.8407 | An organization created by three teenage girls who befriended one another during eating disorders treatment now raises money to provide scholarships for others seeking eating disorders treatment. Other non-profits and foundations for eating disorders resources Although millions of men and women suffering from eating disorders in the United States, there are many more – friends and loved ones – who also need support and assistance. These non-profit organizations are just some of the possible places friends and loved ones can find support. Andrea’s Voice Foundation Based in California, this website promotes education and understanding toward the prevention, identification, diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders. Hope Network 616.301.8000 | A Michigan-based organization which offers support for friends and families dealing with a loved one’s eating disorder. Eating for Life Alliance In response to a reported 24.3 percent increase in college eating disorders behaviors, this Massachusetts organization offers colleges and students valuable access to educational resources for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. Eating Disorder Activist Network This network offers resources and strives to unite communities around the awareness and prevention of disordered eating behaviors and negative body image issues. The Anna Westin Foundation Following the passing of Anna Westin, this foundation is a support resource for individuals directly – or indirectly – affected by eating disorders. The Emily Program Foundation 651.379.6134 | With the understanding that eating disorders are isolating diseases, this Minnesota foundation prides itself on working to eliminate eating disorders through advocacy and education. The Renfrew Center Foundation 877.367.3383 | Through educational programs and community outreach, this foundation helps the general public to better understand the complexities of eating disorders and prevent their development. Niche-based eating disorders resources Experiencing lasting recovery from eating disorders can often be done by way of an individual’s passions, whether activity or religion focused. Although not a comprehensive list by any means, the organizations listed below offer support for eating disorders recovery, complimented by faith and/or artistic guided therapies. Finding Balance 615.599.6948 | A Christian focused organization, it offers resources for living healthier lives free from disordered eating behaviors and negative body image issues. Mercy Ministries 615.831.6987 | A free of charge, faith-based treatment program, this organization offers eating disorders treatment to young women helping empower them and find lasting recovery. NORMAL in Schools 917.771.4977 | This national non-profit educates communities about eating disorders and promotes positive self-esteem and body image through arts and mindfulness-based activities. If you or a friend or loved one is in need of advice or even eating disorders treatment, contacting any of the above resources can be an important and life-saving first step. Additionally, please visit Eating Recovery Center’s website to chat confidentially with a member of the Intake Team about your questions, concerns and treatment options.

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