Eating disorders in men and boys: five facts that may surprise you (

Chief Marketing Officer Julie Holland Faylor, MHS, CEDS is the National Eating Disorders Examiner. Read an excerpt below from her blog post "Eating disorders in men and boys: five facts that may surprise you": Eating disorders are not a women’s illness. Even so, the general public and healthcare community alike continues to struggle with understanding of a simple fact—eating disorders can and do affect men and boys. Modern gender constructs—how we think about the two sexes and what is masculine and feminine—tell us that only women diet, only women suffer intense body dissatisfaction in the face of the media’s impossible body ideal, and only women develop these serious diseases with the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. These widely accepted yet untrue gender constructs can be dangerous—lack of understanding of eating disorders in men and boys challenges accurate diagnosis and delays access to specialized treatment. Because family, friends, coaches and teachers often don’t realize eating disorders occur in males, eating disorder symptoms and warning signs often go unnoticed and are waived off as “a phase.” Even among the healthcare community, the myth that eating disorders are a women’s illness contribute to inaccurate diagnoses. This doesn’t mean clinicians are bad or inexperienced—the truth is that most medical and mental health training programs don’t address eating disorders specifically... Visit her blog to read the article in its entirety.

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