Finding Your Purpose by Robyn Cruze

Sometimes, I still feel clumsy when it comes to who I am and what I am doing in the world. Long after eating disorder recovery has begun, the hardest and most rewarding slog is finding ourselves and what our purpose is. I'm fortunate to know what my purpose is now, but holy poop, I have over twelve years on this wild journey of recovery under my belt. It didn't take me twelve years to find my purpose, so please don't fret (I don't want you to compare your story to mine). I, to this day, have to remind myself often what my purpose is and how to utilize it for myself and others. I don't always know (remember) how to do that, so I have to ask for help. I was reminded the other day of why I do what I do and why it matters. When I was speaking to one of the patients, she told me about how my words kept her in treatment. Now, let's be clear here: I know for a fact that my words aren't that powerful, and her want and desire to recover was what kept her there, but my message was delivered at the right time, and it helped her solidify that thought, and for that, I am incredibly grateful. Over the years, I have learned that just as understanding what my purpose is, getting out of the way so that it can exist how it needs to is equally important. There is something you were born with that contributes to the world, hidden under the rubble of an eating disorder, climbing its way up in recovery. Maybe, in the past, you undermine it because it is effortless (I use to think that only the hard things were worth obtaining.). Maybe you don't recognize it yet (an eating disorder has been your authority and purpose). But, boy oh boy it is there! You recovery warriors are way more powerful than you may realize, and way more gifted, talented, and intuitive. You recovery warriors are here in this world for a purpose. We know that the nitty-gritty recovery starts after you leave treatment, and we want to help you realize your full potential. We want to know more about how the Eating Recovery Center can help you continue your recovery, and what you're interested in hearing more about as an alumni? Email me: and let us know. Robyn

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