Helping Adolescents deal with Social Media Pressures

InsightBHC's Audrey Grunst weighs in on Make It Better's Article "Secret Tales of Social Media Shame" when it comes to Social Media and Adolescents.
Make It Better's Article “Why Aren’t I Married Yet? Secret Tales of Social Media Shame” shares stories of people struggling to keep up.
At every stage of life, socially acceptable milestones and standards create anxiety. Whether we simply lag behind or choose another path entirely, it is easy enough to see what is expected and compare our lives to those around us. Social media elevates the comparison, making the in-your-face success of peers inescapable. — “Why Aren’t I Married Yet? Secret Tales of Social Media Shame” 
With regards to kids and adolescents:
Audrey Grunst, a licensed clinical social worker at Insight Behavioral Health Center in Northbrook, noted that some kids actually purchased “burner” phones with spare cash so they could stay plugged in if their parents took their real phone away. Grunst recommends parents emphasize the value of downtime and model digital detaching at home. For adolescents already struggling with the anxiety of imperfection, Grunst recommends staying connected—in person. “Find the kernel of truth that you can validate—how much pressure they’re under, what happened to them—and then ask them to problem solve. What do you want to do about this?” The key is to give them the power to self-soothe while supporting and validating their feelings.
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