Spotlight on Lasting Recovery: Lianne Stancik

What does lasting recovery mean to you? For me, lasting recovery extends only as far as the next 24 hours. As I adhere, the best that I can, to my daily structure and food plan, it feels like I'm at times, only piecing together a life. Then, I experience peace and safety.. What advice do you have for fellow alumni as they navigate their recovery journeys? I've come to realize that for survival in recovery, I get used to being uncomfortable. My baseline is to isolate, numb out and not be accountable. So, with being at home alone, staying present, eating when I don't always feel like it, practicing self care, connecting with others and being accountable, my eating disorder fights me constantly. I look forward to the day that I can embrace and do these things readily. Accepting that recovery is going to feel uncomfortable is the first step. What is the greatest challenge you have faced since leaving treatment? How did you address this challenge? My challenge has been, and still is, negative self talk and difficult emotions. Learning to live my life the way I intend to, regardless of my thoughts or feelings, is really hard. The tools I learned in treatment have helped immensely. At times, I am successful in using the skills/tools and other times, I am not. When I do use the skills and it works, I feel like I've discovered the key to the universe. Has anything surprised you about the recovery process? I was surprised when I discovered how safe I feel when I do the recovery work. It became clear one morning when I was walking to work and was grieving the loss of my brother. All of a sudden this thought came, "Thank God I have my structure and I'm not just blowing in the wind." And although I was hurting, I felt safe. It was a powerful surprise, a revelation that drove home the point of me continuing to do all this work. Do you have any inspiration quotes, saying, or affirmations you would like to share with fellow alumni? Just because you don't feel like you're healing doesn't mean you're not. Keeping working and watch for the tapestry to get bigger. Because, then you'll know you're healing. Have you been able to attend the Alumni Retreat, and if so, in what ways was the experience beneficial? I attended the Alumni Retreat earlier this year. It was good to see people I hadn't seen in a while as well as to share my story.

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