What I'm Learning From My Son's Eating Disorder

David Bachman is the father of an Eating Recovery Center alum. He recently published an article in The Washington Post on "What I'm Learning from My Son's Eating Disorder." David is a board member of the Missouri Eating Disorders Association and speaks at parent groups, schools, and on public radio raising awareness of eating disorders. Next to publishing the story of his family’s journey with anorexia nervosa, his greatest accomplishment so far is his son’s continued recovery. You can follow him on Facebook. From David: "Our story would not of been, if we did not embrace ERC’s programming. The integration of therapy, nutrition and FBT training for the loved one and the family is hypocritical for success. We practice what we were taught on a daily basis. We created a new normal for our family. I firmly believe this gave us the knowledge, skills and strength to continue our lives once our son came home. It hasn’t been perfect, but we know how to support our son when needed. If we didn’t have those skills, he would of already relapsed. Both I and my wife speak with many parents whose child is ill and they have been to many treatment centers. Not one of those programs educates the individual and parent on the level of ERC. Unfortunately, we have seen more relapse than success. It’s a fine line to walk and not tell another parent what to do. Our best ability is to showcase our story. Discuss our failures and demonstrate a successful start in recovery. That is what we are hoping to accomplish with our book, beginning with today’s article." Read the full article.

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