Why Obsessing About Eating Healthy Can Be a Bad Thing

Steven Prinz, M.D., board certified psychiatrist and medical director of Eating Disorder Services at Eating Recovery Center’s Insight Behavioral Health Center, was recently featured on to discuss  how orthorexia nervosa can afflict men specifically. While many people have a hard time stepping away from the Double Stuffed Oreos and penciling in time at the gym, a growing group are suffering from what experts now call being too healthy. Yes, even when it comes to our health, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. While this malady isn’t clinically recognized as a diagnosis, nutritionists see it often enough that it now has a name, orthorexia nervosa. While exercising and paying attention to the body’s health is important, the revived “trend” of fitness can lead to fatal consequences if someone goes too far. Men in particular tend to focus on their own belief and value system about shape and muscularity. The desire for what they believe is the perfect body shape is certainly an aspect that can lead to and continue an eating disorder... Read the full article.

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