Tea Time with Robyn - A Chat with College Student, Rae Thomas

Join us for Tea Time with Robyn where she discusses eating disorder treatment and recovery, body image, and food with college student and former Ed patient Rae Thomas.


Tea Tim with Rae Thomas Transcript

Robyn: Hi everybody and welcome to my new web series Tea Time with Robyn—where we talk about eating recovery, the treatment of, body image and food—glorious food. Welcome Rae.

Rae: Thank you so much. I’m so excited to be here.

Robyn: Now Rae, you are a college student from Lincoln Nebraska, and you’re in your own recovery from eating disorder, right?

Rae: Yes, its been about four years now.

Robyn: Oh gosh, congratulations.

Rae: Thank you, so much.

Robyn: It’s a big deal! No-one talks about what a big deal it really is to get through all the messiness of early recovery.

Rae: Yes it is.  I feel like I’m on a consistent plane now, and that feels so good. It really does, there’s nothing else like it. [Laughs]

Robyn: So last night when we were going back and forth on emails, you were saying something really interesting. You said you were interested in the recovery process—not just because of your own struggles with an eating disorder—but because you saw so much of disordered eating and body image issues in college.  Can you speak more about that?

Rae: Yeah, definitely. So I think I have a unique view because I have dealt with an eating disorder in the past. I can kind of see distorted eating and distorted body image on a less clinical level.  So what I’m really seeing is my friends and my peers struggling with bad relationships with food and distorted body image on a level that wouldn’t necessarily be diagnosed as an eating disorder, but is problematic, none-the-less. And I feel like that needs to be addressed because it is a problem.

The other aspect is that it is such a sexualized time in our lives and appearance is sooo important in college, which really is sad to see.

Robyn: [High fives Rae] Oh my God, amen for bringing that up, Rae.

Rae: Yeah, it really is. It is seen as this is your time in life where you are going to meet your significant other. So the pressure is, I have to look my best so that I can find the best.

Robyn: What would it be that you would offer your peers?

Rae: I think that I would try to offer my peers that you don’t have to get into what the normalcies are. You don’t have to buy into that you have to find a significant other.  Nor that you have to look a certain way to have to find your significant other. You just have to look, you. And to be healthy for your body type.

I think the other thing I would offer, is that your health is so much more important than any school work, any party you are going to go to, and any social aspect.  That [health] should just really be nourished. It should be valued.

Robyn: Thank you so much, Rae. Thank you for being here. That’s all we have time for.

Rae: Yeah, Thank you.

Robyn: If you have a question that you want answers to, please email me at and together we will address the answers over a cup of tea.

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