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Eating Recovery Center's Dr. Ovidio Bermudez was recently featured in an article by the Denver Post discussing Orthorexia. Recognizing and then working through recovery from an eating disorder is challenging enough. But when people don't believe your eating disorder exists in the first place, the recovery process could stop before it even starts. That's why Maddy Moon is so fired up in her videos about orthorexia, an eating disorder in which people have an unhealthy obsession with eating only foods they perceive to be healthy, pure or detoxifying. Those with orthorexia might restrict themselves more and more until they are eating only a few foods, to the point of causing a health issue, like malnutrition. Or they might alter their lives because of those restrictions — for example, never eating out with friends or coworkers out of fear of the menu choices at a restaurant. Moon, who lives in Boulder and works as a life coach, is trying to get the word out about orthorexia because she has experienced it. She has also seen the reproach that social media posts about orthorexia, which is sometimes described (incompletely) as the "healthy eating disorder," can generate. Moon said she hates the idea that someone might be suffering but — because of "that's not a real disease" comments — backs away from seeking help. Read the full article.
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