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The Eating Recovery Center Blog features frequent updates concerning Eating Recovery Center (ERC), our eating disorder treatment methods and programs, and upcoming meetings and events to help provide patients, families, professionals, and alumni alike with the information they need to understand their condition and enter on a path to long-lasting recovery.

January 09, 2017
Video – Voices of Recovery
Hear from Eating Recovery Center alumni about their experience at our programs.
January 03, 2017
Why We Must Renew Our Vows to Recovery - Jenni Schaefer
The loss of my friend Jenn is the harshest reminder of why we do what we do. The healing journey is long and arduous, no doubt, but we must have hope and keep moving along because people can and do fully recover. As we begin a new year, consider how you might strengthen and revitalize your fight. 
December 28, 2016
The Power of the Present Moment – Kelli Evans

I have come to realize that my life in recovery is best lived in the present moment. This is where the things that I want most of all are found. In the present moment I have:

December 27, 2016
Ring Out the Old Year with a Donation to the Eating Recovery Foundation
As we look back at 2016, the Eating Recovery Foundation has made tremendous progress in their three primary areas of focus:
December 01, 2016
15 Ways to Maintain Recovery During the Holidays – Jennifer Sommer-Dirks
The holidays can be joyous — but this time of year can also be stressful for many. As with many things in recovery, planning ahead is key to navigating the holidays successfully.
November 28, 2016
Reframing Holiday Challenges as Opportunities for Recovery
You can support and strengthen your recovery during the busy holiday season. Here's how to reframe holiday challenges as opportunities.
November 23, 2016
ERC in the News – November 201
Take a moment to check out a few stories with ERC experts and alumni. Please help us spread the word about eating disorders, treatment and recovery by sharing the articles that resonate with you!
November 21, 2016
9 Helpful Tools You Can Use in Eating Disorder Recovery – Kelli Evans
Yes, early recovery can be difficult, but you do not have to travel on this journey alone. These are some of the things that I personally found to be helpful in getting me through those early days of recovery. 
November 20, 2016
Returning to Exercise After Eating Disorder Treatment – Beth Riley
If it seems appropriate to reintegrate physical activity back into the daily routine, a mindful and gradual approach is recommended. This is how we help patients with anorexia and bulimia integrate movement back into their lives.
November 17, 2016
10 Ways to Take Back the Holidays from Ed – Jenni Schaefer
You have a choice and you can choose recovery in each and every moment. And, in the end, it doesn’t matter what Ed says or does. What matters is how you respond to him.
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