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The Eating Recovery Center Blog features frequent updates concerning Eating Recovery Center (ERC), our eating disorder treatment methods and programs, and upcoming meetings and events to help provide patients, families, professionals, and alumni alike with the information they need to understand their condition and enter on a path to long-lasting recovery.

April 26, 2017
Sleep is one of the most overlooked and one of the most important aspects of binge eating disorder recovery. Good sleep offers many benefits to our physical and emotional health. Lack of sleep can affect our mood, our appetite and our eating behaviors. Here's how to improve your sleep in eating disorder recovery.
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January 16, 2017
Binge Eating Disorder doesn’t just affect individuals, it affects relationships. When Binge Eating Disorder is left untreated, it can even destroy a marriage. The longer this behavior continues, the harder it is to stop. Take action today to take care of yourself. Take action today to support your partner.
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November 08, 2016
Nutrition is not the only reason to eat. We eat for social reasons, we eat because of emotions, and sometimes we eat just because the food is there. As long as it’s all in moderation, that’s okay! Here are five of my tips that I think exemplify “eating well”:
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July 18, 2016

In a very simplified sense, the answer has to do with duration, frequency, and how much it's impacting your life negatively, the last being the most significant, says Julie Friedman, Ph.D., vice president of the Compulsive Overeating Recovery Effort program for Eating Recovery Center's Insight Behavioral Health Centers in Chicago. (With behaviors like bingeing and purging, the standard is usually once a week, taking into account that multiple shorter episodes versus a single longer one are just as problematic.) But when you're not forcing yourself to vomit or overeat—when you just want to reach an equilibrium of healthy and anti-inflammatory and not-that-bad-tasting—the diagnosis is a bit more complicated.

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July 14, 2016
People often mistakenly believe that they cannot be overweight and have an eating disorder. The truth is that eating disorders affect people of all sizes.
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May 13, 2016
Do you binge eat or emotionally eat? Learn about treatment for binge eating disorder (BED) and other  related eating disorders.
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May 04, 2016
Learn 10 reasons explaining why diets don't work, and why moderation is the key, with tips from nutrition expert Jennifer Lewis of Eating Recovery Center.
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April 11, 2016

ERC Insight's Julie Friedman, PhD, Vice President, CORE (Compulsive Overeating Recovery Effort) was recently featured in an article on discussing Binge Eating Disorder.

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March 23, 2016
Identify ways to treat compulsive overeating disorder with nutrition and dietary tips from Jennifer Lewis, RD with Eating Recovery Center.
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March 22, 2016
Kathryn Johnson, RD, MA, Lead Dietitian at Eating Recovery Center, Dallas, shares tips on how to make meal time quick and easy with prepared foods you can find in your grocery store.
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