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The Eating Recovery Center Blog features frequent updates concerning Eating Recovery Center (ERC), our eating disorder treatment methods and programs, and upcoming meetings and events to help provide patients, families, professionals, and alumni alike with the information they need to understand their condition and enter on a path to long-lasting recovery.

February 24, 2018
I’ll never forget the hard work that early recovery entails. I’m talking the just-out-of-treatment recovery stage. The holy-crap-how-am-I-going-to-do-this recovery stage. Trying to implement all of the helpful things I learned in treatment was exhausting and sometimes seemed like an exercise in futility. Here are three of the things I did to ensure I could stay in recovery in the early stages of being home from treatment:
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November 29, 2017
When I was in treatment at Eating Recovery Center, Washington, my therapist had me write a goodbye poem to my Eating Disorder. Here’s what I wrote:
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November 29, 2017
I wrote this poem when I realized what the eating disorder was doing to me — and what it had taken from me — even though I still felt so "attracted" to it at times. The eating disorder was taking my life from me and I am no longer going to allow that to happen. 
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September 21, 2017
I am solidly in recovery. I now know that “not having time” is not an excuse. If I don’t have time to eat, I make a change. What I don’t do anymore is make excuses. And I’ve found the following tips helpful to prevent relapse while I’m busy in my life:
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September 29, 2016
Eating disorders are mental illnesses. Thankfully, professionals are successfully diagnosing and treating mental health concerns every day. We can all take the steps to educate ourselves and learn about making changes. These steps will lead us in the direction of a higher quality relationship with food. After all, we truly need it to live.
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June 01, 2016
Find out why Eating Recovery Center uses outings in eating disorder treatment. Dr. Jenna Flagg of ERC, Washington explains the benefits and purpose.
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May 26, 2016
Some individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have eating issues. Eating Recovery Center's Lisa Geraud discusses autism, ARFID and anorexia.
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May 13, 2016
Do you binge eat or emotionally eat? Learn about treatment for binge eating disorder (BED) and other  related eating disorders.
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April 07, 2016
Professionals that work in eating disorder treatment possess love and strength. Recruiter Franny Morin describes Eating Recovery Center's company culture.
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March 02, 2016
Understand the importance of nurturing relationships with those who are going through eating disorder treatment, featuring Dr. Ileana Calinoiu of Eating Recovery Center.
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