One of our special alums has shared this uplifting blog with us today, describing her journey to recovery. Enjoy.
One of our special alums has shared this uplifting blog with us today, describing her journey to recovery. Enjoy.

To begin your journey, you have to start with self-care and self-love. These will be necessary at all times on your journey.
As you begin to delve deeper inside of that place that you wanted to hide in forever, you may wonder what is in store for you. Remember that recovery will have ups and downs, right turns and left turns. Don't miss your chance to travel on this wild and fantastic journey... it all starts with one phone call.
This is how the journey begins. Reach out to someone you trust and have them hear you out. At all points of the journey, don't miss out on living in the present and believing that you will have an awesome future.
You will have a team of caring individuals to help you move forward on the journey. You will need these people — your support system that believes in you more than anyone has ever before. They will remind you that you are lovable and that they are on your side. They'll show you the awesome possibilities of recovery that may seem like a galaxy away. They will bring those possibilities right to your feet.
And then…
Take the journey slow; take small steps if you must.
Even though it's hard, you must maintain a level of trust.
I know it's difficult and hard to move in this way.
I have faced this same dilemma many times to my dismay.
If I hadn't opened up and let them see me,
then I would have missed out on the journey.
I'm not perfect and I must confess
that sometimes I still find myself in shambles. Thank goodness.
I still have my team and friends that have been with me.
Look to your future and you will be happy to see
that you didn't miss out. And now you are free...

- Monqueescha W. 

This photo above is of the joyous occasion of adopting our precious child... makes you prioritize what really is important (family).

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