You Won’t Want to Miss This: It's Our 2nd Annual Blogger Roundup

A true celebration of experience, strength, and hope, our second annual Eating Recovery Day, is fast approaching on Tuesday, May 2. Leading up to May 2, my advocate friends and I will come together on various blogs to share our perspectives about this year’s Eating Recovery Day theme, #DontMissIt. Prepare to get inspired.
My eating recovery advocate friends — and heroes — share in our 2nd annual blogger roundup.

A true celebration of experience, strength, and hope, our second annual Eating Recovery Day, is fast approaching on Tuesday, May 2.
Similar to last year, throughout the week prior, I am thrilled to get to virtually hang out with seven inspiring recovery advocate friends—in our Eating Recovery Roundup. Please join us, as we want to ‘hang out’ with you, too.
Leading up to May 2, my advocate friends and I will come together on various blogs to share our perspectives about this year’s Eating Recovery Day theme, #DontMissIt.

Don’t miss the signs of an eating disorder.
Don’t miss out on the gifts of recovery
#DontMissIt can mean many different things, and, in our blogger roundup, we plan to tackle a lot of angles. I don’t want to spoil the event, so let’s just say that my friends are super creative and beyond inspiring. We have some very interesting blogs—and possibly even a vlog—coming your way!
Here’s how the Eating Recovery Roundup works. Each day, we'll highlight one blogger on social media and provide you with a link to their post.
Day 1, Tuesday, April 25th
Nikki DuBose, author of Washed Away: From Darkness to Light, is one of my personal heroes. She has paved the way for many—like me—to speak up about trauma and PTSD. After her personal experience of overcoming child abuse, today, she fights tirelessly for the rights of children. Of course, Nikki also fights for and speaks out about eating disorder recovery. You’ll be able to catch her post on Project Heal’s blog as well her own.

Day 2, Wednesday, April 26th
Okay, you might notice somewhat of a pattern here: Brian Cuban is yet another hero of mine. He is an authority on body dysmorphic disorder, male eating disorders, and addiction. He is the author of Shattered Image as well as the newly released bestselling book The Addicted Lawyer. Plus, Brian makes it a yearly habit to rappel off of towers!

Day 3, Thursday, April 27th
On this day, I am honored that ERC has asked me to post my thoughts about #DontMissIt on my website’s blog. Also, on Thursday, we invite you to join us in a sure-to-be-exciting Recovery Roundup Party on Twitter. Many thanks to the Academy for Eating Disorders for inviting my friends and me to participate in this event. (You won’t want to miss it either.)

Day 4, Friday, April 28th
And, yes, oh how I look up to Chevese Turner, founder of the Binge Eating Disorders Association. Nearly ten years ago, I still remember details from our first conversation about her then ‘new’ endeavor. From one phone call, I could tell that Chevese had a powerful dream, and one thing is for sure: Chevese’s dream and BEDA have saved lives. Be on the lookout for her first book, which is in the works with co-writer Amy Pershing.
Day 5, Saturday, April 29th
Monqueescha Walker’s smile lights up a room, or rather, possibly an entire city. I can even feel her bright light through her emails to me about this event. A courageous ERC alum from Denver, Colorado, Monqueescha will share her inspirational story here on our blog. She has said, “The main thing is you have to believe in yourself…” After reading her story, I believe that you will have a brighter light within you, to fight for yourself (or your loved one), for recovery.
Day 6, Sunday, April 30th
My guess is that Nancy Clarkson is not only a hero of mine but also one to her daughter, who suffered with an eating disorder. Through Nancy’s important advocacy work about her family’s journey of healing, including her blog, “Let’s Get Well Together,” she raises awareness and provides much-needed support to families. (Nancy, I only wish you had started your work back in the late 1990’s when my parents first needed you!)
Day 7, Monday, May 1
 Kara Richardson Whitely, who is the newest member of our National Recovery Advocates team, is a popular speaker and the author of Gorge: My Journey Up Kilimanjaro at 300 Pounds. Similar to Brian, Kara is obviously up for adventure, having climbed the infamous mountain not only once but three times. (Yes, she is my hiking hero, too!) During the Eating Recovery Roundup, Kara will be posting on the National Eating Disorders Association’s blog as well as her own site.
Eating Recovery Day, Tuesday, May 2nd
 Eric Dorsa, another brave ERC alum as well as a member of our newly formed Recovery Ambassador Council, will share his empowering story here on our blog. Last year, on Eating Recovery Day, I had the pleasure of hosting a panel with him and Candace Cameron Bure in New York City. To say that Eric is passionate isn’t saying enough. There isn’t really a word that encapsulates his brand of passion. Don’t miss his message, another one that is sure to inspire.

Also, on Eating Recovery Day, stay tuned for details about a Facebook Live event with Nikki Dubose and myself on ERC’s Facebook page.
I want to thank my recovery advocate friends—and heroes—for taking the time to share your experience, strength, and hope. You have no idea how much your writing personally inspires me each year.
And, thank you for reading this. My heroes and I hope that you will consider joining us in our Eating Recovery Roundup and journey with us along this thing called recovery road. Together, we can make it.
Prepare to get inspired.
You are not alone, recovery is possible, and life without ‘Ed’ is filled with the most wondrous of surprises. Truly, if there is anything that you don’t want to miss, it’s that.
Jenni Schaefer is a bestselling author and popular speaker on eating disorders and related disorders, including PTSD
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