Ring Out the Old Year with a Donation to the Eating Recovery Foundation

As we look back at 2016, the Eating Recovery Foundation has made tremendous progress in their three primary areas of focus:



During this week between Christmas and New Year’s, we typically reflect upon the year that has passed, take inventory of our accomplishments and make resolutions for the year ahead.

As we look back at 2016, the Eating Recovery Foundation has made tremendous progress in their three primary areas of focus:

1. Educational initiatives​. The Eating Disorders Information Gatewayprovides a single portal through which the eating disorders community can access content to advance public understanding of eating disorders. By year-end, the Gateway will provide over 20,000 indexed resources that can be accessed for free on their website.


The Body Project is an evidence-based interventional program that has been proven to disrupt concepts of ideal body image and reduce the onset of eating disorders on college campuses, where one in four students is at risk for an eating disorder. The Foundation has brought this innovative program to 41 college campuses across North America, and plans to expand these efforts to 20 more schools in 2017.

2. Research initiatives. In 2016, the Foundation named its first Early Career Investigator Award winner. The Foundation is fostering young academics and practitioners through a research grant in the area of eating disorders to allow more students in mental health and medical disciplines exposure to eating disorders as a specialty and share best practice results with all professionals. 

3. Charitable care initiatives. Our Care Fund is designed to make recovery accessible and attainable for patients and families without financial means. To date, over 157 episodes of care were covered for patients from 27 different states.

Looking ahead, more to be done
30 million women, men, adolescents and children will suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime. Countless others will feel the effects that living with an eating disorder has on individuals and their families.

This means we have a lot more work ahead of us in the areas of education, research and improved access to care. That’s why your donation to the Foundation is so important.

Please donate

We encourage you to give to the Eating Recovery Foundation during your year-end charitable contributions. Before the clock strikes midnight on 2016, please make your tax-deductible gift to the Eating Recovery Foundation by visiting our website.

Your generosity will help the Foundation reach even more patients suffering with an eating disorder, advance research and help those in financial need receive treatment. Your generosity can save lives.
Isn’t that the best possible way to ring in 2017? Please donate today.

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