Spotlight on Lasting Recovery: Family Profile with Frank And Elise K.

This month's Spotlight on Lasting Recover features Frank And Elise K.; father and mother of an of Eating Recovery Center alumna, reflecting on their daughter's journey of lasting recovery.

1. Tell us about your connection to the individual in recovery from an eating disorder (mother, father, sibling, spouse, friend, etc.)

Our Daughter Brooke has recently been through the Eating Recovery Center of Washington program

2. What has been the greatest challenge in supporting your loved one in their eating disorder recovery?

Because our daughter does not drive, the biggest challenge has actually been providing transportation to the Partial and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program. We all wanted Brooke to live at home during this process but the traffic from Seattle to and from Bellevue is a horror and the public transportation options are very limited.

3. Has anything surprised you about your loved one’s recovery process?

The big surprise was that the process has taken far longer than I expected. I underestimated what was involved from my own ignorance.

4. Describe your role in supporting your loved one’s recovery?

Other than providing Transportation we are largely cheerleaders. Our role is to support and deal with logistics. We do appreciate the chance to participate in occasional Family Therapy at the Eating Recovery Treatment Center and I hope we provide emotional support during those moments.

5. Do you have any inspirational quotes, sayings or affirmations that have helped you understand and navigate your loved one’s eating disorder recovery?

I believe we all take comfort from the serenity prayer and the understanding that acceptance is critical to recovery.

6. Did you find value in attending Family Days and if so, what was the most profound take-away from your experience?

Yes. Several of the speakers were a great help to me in understanding eating disorders and we appreciate the opportunity to interact and learn from the professionals on this complex subject. The association with other families was interesting as we search for common themes and I believe we learn as much from our peers as from the experts. However, the most value came from being able to watch the family sculpting exercise and learn how our daughter ( and others) saw the family dynamic and how that may have related to the ED.

7. Would you recommend Family Days to other family members and if so, why?

Yes. There are things you can only get from personal contact. Whether it is the passion of some of the Eating Recovery Treatment Center team, the sadness of family members that are still learning to cope or the fun of the group we watched it was all very emotional for me.


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