Here’s How Music Supports Eating Disorder Recovery

Visit to download Jenni Schaefer's song “Life Without Ed” for a small donation. By downloading this song, you can help to support eating disorder initiatives. Please consider donating $2. You will not only receive a download of our song, but you will also be helping to save lives.
If you’ve ever broken a mirror, you may have wondered if there was any truth to the old myth; would this broken mirror curse you with seven years of back luck?
It turns out that back in ancient Rome, mirrors were not cheap. They were, however, easily broken and of considerably poor quality, In order to avoid negligence and encourage people to take care of these items, someone had the insight to invent a terrifying seven-year curse. It was a simple scare tactic.
Today, whether we believe in a curse or not, we probably won’t break a mirror if we don’t like what’s reflected back at us. But sadly, scare tactics and mirrors still go hand in hand in modern times, and often with devastating impact.
Most of us have been there, at one time or another (“mirror, mirror on the wall”) when the mirror didn’t tell us that we were the fairest of them all.
“I was chasing down the image for so long
Of that perfect girl that I just had to be
She was never quite the one I thought I saw
How I let that dreadful mirror torture me.”

- From “Life Without Ed” 

These lyrics were written by my colleague, Jenni Schaefer, and her dear friend, Judy Rodman. For years, Jenni and Judy have been sharing music with a mission to shatter the shame and stigma related to eating disorders. The ultimate mission is, of course, to help save lives. 
Jenni and Judy have partnered with to make their song “Life Without Ed” available for download for a nominal donation.
By downloading this song, you can help to support eating disorder initiatives. Please consider donating $2. You will not only receive a download of our song, but you will also be helping to save lives.
If you download this song, where do your dollars go? 100 percent of the proceeds from these downloads will go directly to the Eating Recovery Foundation. The funds go towards much-needed education, research and charitable care. These three initiatives help to save lives.
The mission of the Eating Recovery Foundation
30 million Americans will suffer from an eating disorder in his or her lifetime. Eating disorders affect a diverse population but hit young people ages 18 to 25 particularly hard. Most people with eating disorders will not seek treatment even though eating disorders are a serious mental illness.
The mission of the Eating Recovery Foundation is to change how eating disorders are viewed, treated and prevented. The foundation is dedicated to being a national resource for all individuals affected by eating disorders, including families, caregivers and professionals.
Through education, research and charitable care (helping to defray out-of-pocket treatment costs for patients and families), the Foundation aims to increase knowledge and evidence-based treatment of eating disorders.
Help us play it forward by downloading Jenni and Judy’s song today.
There is so much that we can do together. Have hope that we can continue to better understand and treat these serious illnesses in the future. Thank you Jenni Schaefer, for turning your journey of recovery into an anthem filled with hope. is a website where artists support organizations like Eating Recovery Foundation by selling their music in exchange for a charitable donation. You’ll find “Life Without Ed” ready to be downloaded for a small contribution. 
For more music inspiration in eating disorder recovery, please view Eating Recovery Center’s #RecoveryAnthems and other playlists on Spotify.
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