To Mum, From Robyn - My Recovery Letter

The #MyRecoveryLetter campaign shares letters of gratitude, reflection and praise, reminding us all that recovery is possible.
Dear Mum’s Pink Pajamas,
I know you’re just an inanimate thing 
Satin and mature with no feeling
I mean, you’re pink 
You’re from the 80’s — I get it! 
You’re so NOT appealing.
But for all of what you’re not 
You gave me so much more
You embodied nonjudgment 
When I hated the mirrored girl 
Defeated by what I saw.
Thank you for falling loose upon my skin
Soothing the periodic guilt and self-hate
For not adding to the self-destruction
For quieting the endless dieting debate.
Thank you for lying with me at night  
When I didn’t know how to be with myself
When my head was heavy with self-doubt
And my body-size desires triumphed 
Once more over my health.
You were with me during those bleak times
When I was consumed by dread
When I prayed and cried and fretted
Refusing to get out of bed.
And when late 
I hit the pillow in triumph
Defeating the obsessive voice
You and my Mum’s scent still in the satin
Girls together, we rejoiced.
Dear Mum’s Pink Pajamas
It’s true, you cannot feel
But you were and are
So much more to me
You helped a daughter heal.
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