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Ellie Pike shares the top 10 reasons you should listen to the brave storytellers featured on Mental Note Podcast. Mental Note: Journeys of Health and Recovery is available on iTunes and podcast apps as well as on Learn more about the podcast on this blog.
I wrote a few drafts of this blog then had my husband read one, and he said… “You’re not saying what you really want to say. What is the message you want to get across?” I said, “I am writing a blog post and I just want readers to listen to Mental Note podcast…but that’s boring and would just sound like a sales pitch.”
He said to me, “This is exactly what we argue about sometimes—you’re trying to dance around the truth. Just say what you mean to say—it has purpose and meaning. There’s nothing wrong with wanting people to listen because this podcast is impactful and it’s something you really care about.”
His words stuck with me like glue: Say what you mean to say.
What he’s really saying is, be brave. Be authentic. Share your truth. The funny thing is, this message is exactly what I encourage others to do as a therapist and podcast host. But when I’m faced with the reality of saying what I really want to say, I clam up and get fearful of the outcome. In the words of author, Cheryl Strayed, “Bravery is acknowledging your fear and doing it anyway.”
Without further ado- here are the top 10 reasons you should listen to the brave storytellers featured on Mental Note Podcast: 
  1. To find out you’re not alone. So often, mental health journeys feel like a one-person struggle. Hearing other people’s stories and how they’ve come through it helps with shame and loneliness.
  2. These stories highlight the power of access to care and choice in recovery. Believe it or not, there really can be life after darkness.
  3. You will get a variety of stories to listen to as you wash dishes or walk your dog. Whether or not you struggle with an eating disorder or a mental health issue or know someone who does—you’ll be pleasantly enlightened through these relatable stories. 
  4. Episodes will bring joyful tears to your eyes and will leave you with warmth in your heart as we discuss life struggles and recovery. 
  5. Cheryl Strayed, bestselling author, talks about the importance of sharing your story and some of the important lessons she’s learned along the way. You’ll be inspired!
  6. We are the only podcast out there that provides resources, education, and personal stories of recovery from eating disorders and mental health issues like OCD and Bipolar. 
  7. We celebrate body diversity and acceptance—and we know loving the body you’re in can sometimes be a challenge. Our non-diet approach helps support healing your relationship with food.
  8. We celebrate neurodiversity! In short, mental illness, autism and brain disorders might mean “we’re all a little electric!” Check out this episode by author and speaker, Alisa Kennedy Jones. 
  9. Sharing this podcast with others aids in the early detection of eating disorders—and we know the earlier they are detected, the more treatable they are!
  10. Celebrate International Podcast Day on September 30th! Just by listening and leaving us a review, you’re making this podcast more available to other people! It’s a simple way to raise awareness about mental illness and help others find treatment.
Mental Note: Journeys of Health and Recovery is available on iTunes and podcast apps as well as on Check out our website to learn more about our storytellers and to sign up for our e-newsletter. We hope to connect with you soon!
Ellie Pike, MA, LPC, NCC is Clinical Marketing Manager at Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers
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