Eating Recovery Day: How You Celebrated

Discover events and highlights of Eating Recovery Day, 2016, as tens of thousands came together to shed light on eating disorder treatment and recovery.

We invited you to join us on Eating Recovery Day — to celebrate that recovery from an eating disorder is possible — by telling your own story, sharing words of inspiration and raising awareness about the facts.

And you showed up. Big time.

Quite honestly, your outpouring of love, honesty and emotion was beyond anything we could have ever imagined. We simply don’t have the words to describe the day. Instead, we’d like to share with you some of your messages from Eating Recovery Day.

You shared words of wisdom

Our very own Jenni Schaefer reached out to her community of blogger friends and posed the question, “If you could go back and talk to yourself at the beginning of your recovery journey, what would your wiser self say to your younger self?”

Then, every day of the week leading up to Eating Recovery Day, they took turns answering that question through blog posts, vlog or podcast.

Thank you Karla Mosley, Brian Cuban, Nikki DuBose, Lynn Chen and Lisa LeeMegan BartlettNancy, and Shirley for your words of wisdom and the hope you gave us all.

You posted words of support and advice

Social media quickly became the hub that our amazing community gathered around. The hashtag #EatingRecoveryDay lit up our social feeds with beautiful images and words of support.

You shared your own stories

By telling your own stories, you let others know that they are not alone in their struggle.

You participated in a Twitter Party

Stories, advice and inspiration were shared within an amazing circle of trust.

You shared the facts about eating disorders

Thanks to your social shares, our infographic reached over 50,000 people!

You volunteered to be Recovery Ambassadors

Hundreds of Ambassadors received Eating Recovery Day kits to host their own events and raise awareness locally.

You joined us in celebrating from coast-to-coast

ERC patients and staff celebrated the possibility of recovery at our facilities with onsite events. We even had a t-shirt design contest for our patients.  All our patients and staff received a t-shirt with the winning design to wear on Eating Recovery Day.

And in the end, you inspired hope

Eating Recovery Day was not our day at ERC. It was your day. And you made it a magnificent one. Thanks to your overwhelming outpouring of love and support, you have cast a light of hope where there has been so much darkness.

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