June 29, 2018

My Recovery Letter - Kelli's Story

My Recovery Letter KelliThis is my Love Letter... to my husband. 

I love you for so many reasons. 

You live out what unconditional love looks like.

You refused to let the eating disorder, which lived between us for so many years, hide the person I really was. 

You loved me when I was sure I was unlovable. 

You reminded me that you loved me for who I was, not for what I did. 

You stepped away from the demands of your career to care for me and for our children when I needed a higher level of care. Never once did you complain. I was fragile as I left the eating disorder treatment center, and you were the Rock of our family as I struggled to walk forward in my recovery journey. 

You faced the giants of the insurance company, willing them to continue coverage for my treatment and care.

You gently took me by the hand, and whispered love and truth to me in the silence of my emptiness and shame. 

You told me that we would walk this journey together, that I would not be alone. 

You kept showing me your love was strong. It was never-ending. Your love was healing as I let you wrap me up in your arms.

I know that I would not be able to enjoy the freedom I have today in recovery if you had not been by my side. My journey has been arduous. Our path together has not been easy. We have hung onto each other and learned to not take a single day for granted. 

I know that I am blessed beyond measure, and you, my husband, are the biggest blessing in my life. So, today, as we celebrate 25 years of marriage, I know deep down our next 25 years will prove that unconditional love wins every time… every single time.


Write your own My Recovery Letter to who or what embodies the spirit of recovery for you; show others that recovery is possible – and that we can honor the big moments as well as the small ones along the way. 

Reflect on recovery, offer up gratitude, praise yourself or praise someone else. 

Write your own #myrecoveryletter at myrecoveryletter.com.
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