April 27, 2018

My Recovery Letter - Savannah's Story

eating disorder recovery letter savannahDear Lindsay, the first dietician I ever had, 
Thank you for helping me find my way with understanding that food was not my enemy. 
Thank you for helping me in the process of treatment. I know I was stubborn, but you still made me laugh and believed in me. 
You helped me challenge myself with the list of fear foods I gave you. You helped me do each and every fear food I had on my list. 
You helped me understand that my weight was not going to ever define me. 
One day you said something that changed my thinking, changed my view of food, and impacted my recovery more then you could know. You said, “If you’re at a party and there’s cake and perhaps you want an extra slice of cake it’s okay to have an extra slice, you won’t gain weight from an extra slice of cake, so enjoy it because you will be OK.”
I sometimes wonder if you remember saying that, but that impacted me while I was in treatment and to this day. I still use that same phrase with the people I love and with people who would like support in their own recovery.
Thank you for helping me be strong enough to leave treatment. 
Thank you for all the hard work and amazing guidance. I appreciate everything. 

- Savannah
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