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Mark your calendars for September 15-16. The 2022 Eating Recovery Conference: Transformative Solutions in Eating Disorder Treatment, presented by Eating Recovery and Pathlight Foundation, is quickly approaching. You can now register to join hundreds of professionals for 10 evidence-based presentations, examining the complexities of treating eating disorders and co-occurring conditions.

Attendees can earn up to 15.0 CE/CME/CNE credit hours and learn practical skills to identify, assess, and treat patients with eating disorders. The lineup allows for ultimate flexibility with five live sessions (complete with opportunities to engage live with the speakers), plus five on-demand webinars.

Emotion-Focused Health Care: A Guide for Working With the Emotions in the Room

Elizabeth Easton, PsyD, CEDS and Nikki Estep, MPH, RDN, LD, CDDE, CEDRD will speak to the importance of emotion in health care. Nikki Estep uses her expertise in eating disorders, pediatric nutrition, and intuitive eating to discuss with Dr. Easton where and how emotion comes into the picture when getting help for eating disorders.

They will discuss how to support patients on their journeys to make peace with food and their bodies using a humanistic, emotion-focused approach.  Attendees will learn how to help patients explore their inner landscape around food and body and establish safety and peace with both. 

When OCD Takes Over Eating: A Dietary Perspective on Treating OCD in Eating Disorders

Treating someone with an eating disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) might feel like deciphering through a chasm of fears, anxieties, and rules. In this session, Theodore Weltzin, MD, FAED, FAPA and Adrianne Kenny, RD, LDN will help bridge the gap between OCD and eating disorders, cover how to utilize Exposure and Response Prevention for treatment, and explain how undernourishment exacerbates both disorders.

Those attending this session will be able to distinguish between obsessions and compulsions of eating disorders versus OCD as well as learn tools and frameworks for providing care at different levels.

Body Appraisal and Trans Communities

Trans and/or nonbinary people are at a higher risk of developing eating disorders, yet treatment providers often employ concepts and strategies that may not be inclusive of the challenges that trans people face. The concept of body image must be approached with a nuanced understanding of the importance of self-determination and centering trans and/or nonbinary people's own experiences of their bodies.

In this presentation, Sand Chang, PhD (they/them/their) will address some of the ways that eating disorders may be different and therefore must be treated differently with trans and/or nonbinary patients. Audience members will be challenged to reflect on their own participation in body appraisal regarding gender identities and expressions.

Binge Eating Disorder Across Levels of Care: A Clinician’s Guide to Assessing Level of Care and Practical Interventions for the Outpatient Provider

Join Allison Pritchett, RD, LD, Kate Barse, PsyD, and Hannah Gruenewald, MS, RD, LD, a binge eating treatment team at ERC, for an overview of binge eating disorder treatment across levels of care. This on-demand session will explore presentations of binge eating, disinhibited eating, and associated disorders (such as bulimia nervosa and other specified feeding or eating disorders), review interventions for each level of care, and discuss how an outpatient provider can utilize them.

Attendees will be able to assess and determine appropriate level of care for patients, identify and implement interventions, and increase their confidence in creating a patient-centered approach.

With each session you attend, you can earn 1.5 CE/CME/CNE credit hours while growing your skill set. Find the full lineup of speakers here. We hope to see you at the conference.

At Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center, we’re dedicated to making your experience - and your clients’ - with us as streamlined, helpful and accessible as possible by connecting and sharing resources for eating, mood, anxiety and trauma-related conditions.

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