Commonly-used Eating Disorder Acronyms

AN: Anorexia
ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ARFID: Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder
BDD: Body Dysmorphic Disorder
BED: Binge Eating Disorder
BMI: Body Mass Index
BMR: Metabolic Rate
BN: Bulimia Nervosa
BPD: Borderline Personality Disorder
BSFT: Behavioral Systems Family Therapy
CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
COE: Compulsive Over-eating Disorder
CW: Current Weight
D: Daughter
DBT: Dialectical Behavior Therapy
DD: Darling Daughter
DH: Dear Husband
DS: Darling Son
DX: Diagnosis
ED: Eating Disorder
EDNOS: Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
FBT: Family-based Therapy
FGW: Final Goal Weight
GW: Goal Weight
HW: Highest Weight
IBW: Ideal Body Weight
IP: Inpatient Hospital Treatment
IOP: Intensive Outpatient Treatment
IT: Interpersonal Therapy
LTGW: Long Term Goal Weight
LW: Lowest Weight
MET: Motivational Enhancement Therapy
NES: Night Eating Syndrome
NG : Nasogastric Feeding
OCD: Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
PHP: Partial Hospitalization Program
RC: Residential Care
RAN: Recovered Anorexic Patient
RBN: Recovered Bulimic Patient
S: Son
SI: Self Injury
SIB: Self Injurious Behavior
STGW: Short-term Goal Weight
TW: Target Weight

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