Beyonce, photoshop and body image struggles (

Chief Marketing Officer Julie Holland Faylor, MHS, CEDS is the National Eating Disorders Examiner. Read an excerpt below from her blog post "Beyonce, photoshop and body image struggles": It feels like just yesterday I was sounding off about the Target photoshop scandal, and yet here we are again. Earlier this month, clearly photoshopped bikini photos of Beyonce made the rounds on the internet. While this isn’t the first time the star has been accused of manipulating her images, this incident disturbs me—here’s why. I have a beautiful, intelligent, funny, talented, thoughtful 12 year-old daughter, and she happens to love Beyonce. She used to dance around our house singing and dancing to “Single Ladies” before she was old enough to know what “single” even meant. What will my daughter learn from these photos? That looking like Beyonce, objectively one of the most beautiful women in the world, isn’t good enough? And if that’s true, what is good enough? How thin is thin enough? How beautiful do you need to be to not have to alter images of yourself? Those are impossible standards to live up to, especially for my wonderful, amazing daughter, who has a genetic predisposition to developing an eating disorder because I struggled with the illness for a decade over 30 years ago... Visit her blog to read the article in its entirety.

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