Controversial Ad Campaign Asks: Are You Beach-Body Ready?

Insight's Founder and President, Susan McClanahan, PhD, comments on the controversy surrounding the Protein World Ad, asking women if they are beach body ready. American women are still conforming to a standard of beauty set by the media. In the 25 years I have been working with eating disorders, the standard of beauty has gotten thinner and thinner each year. Moreover, these standards have extended to new groups such as men, younger girls, athletes, minority populations, etc. Women still low themselves to be objectified, sexualized, and devalued. My hope is that we are teaching our daughters something different. The next generation of girls need a lesson in Feminist Psychology, some bra burning - they do not remember what baby boomers remember about the struggle for women's rights. Ads such as the protein ad reinforce stereotypes about how women should look and are dis -empowering. They contribute to feelings of insecurity, self- hatred, depression, anxiety and worthlessness. - Susan McClanahan, PhD, CEDS 

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