Eating Disorders Spike Before Spring Break - Karen Schneller for Spartan Daily

Karen Schneller, clinical manager of the Eating Recovery Center in San Francisco, said "a spike in extreme eating habits in teenagers and college students has the potential to develop into eating disorders." This is a phenomenon that happens consistently throughout the country. Anxiety and stress about body image can also manifest into an eating disorder.

When schools have their spring breaks around this time of the year, experts see a spike in extreme eating habits in teenagers and college students that has the potential to develop into eating disorders.

Karen Schneller, clinical manager of the Eating Recovery Center in San Francisco said this is a phenomenon that happens consistently throughout the country. Anxiety and stress about body image can manifest into an eating disorder.

“An eating disorder is any life that’s obsessed with counting calories, the foods they eat, so much that it isolates them from their classes, peers and themselves,” Schneller said. “This can manifest itself in conditions like bulimia and anorexia.”

According to The Eating Recovery Center, a support and resource group that helps survivors and those currently suffering from eating-related illnesses, there are multiple ways one can quickly develop an eating disorder. A popular choice among college students are “diet pills,” supplements that block fat absorption in the body. Despite being approved by the FDA and buyable over the counter, “diet pills” are easy to abuse and can lead to numerous health problems and addiction. Sudden and extreme changes to diet can also lead to malnutrition, binging and purging.

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Karen Schneller, Clinical Manager of ERC, Bay Area, was recently featured in an article in San Jose University's Spartan Daily discussing eating disorders and spring break.

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