February 27, 2020

How ERC Remembers the “Why” During NEDA Week 2020

At Eating Recovery Center, we have a saying that reminds us why we do what we do every single day: "Remember the why." From the clinicians that work with our patients in centers across the nation to the teammates that work behind the scenes, we want to stay focused on what matters, which is helping people find lasting eating disorder recovery.

Every week, we internally send out a "Remember the why" quote from a patient that tells the story of their recovery journey. During NEDA Week 2020, we wanted to share some of our favorite quotes from patients and family members.

We hope these stories of hope inspire you, no matter where you are at in your journey.

“We cannot thank ERC enough for helping us through my daughter's darkest time. Everyone at the ERC walked us through our treatment plan, which included residential care before PHP and IOP. We were terrified but the level of care gave my daughter the tools for recovery. We especially appreciate the help setting us up at the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas, keeping our family close during our 7 weeks of residential care. The family education was also a game changer. My daughter is now on the path to recovery, we couldn't have made this progress without the experts at the ERC.”

- SG, parent, ERC Houston

“When I got to ERC Chicago I didn't think I could achieve recovery. I have struggled with an eating disorder for decades, and sought treatment multiple times with no lasting results. I entered treatment suicidal, anxious, tired, and hopeless. I left feeling hopeful, confident yet cautious, and equipped with the skills I needed to succeed in recovery. None of that would have been possible if it weren't for the incredible team of professionals I worked with who never gave up on me, even during my worst days. I also appreciated the ACT and ERP curriculums, as they have been helpful in giving me the tools I needed to maintain recovery outside of treatment. I am so grateful to the team at ERC Chicago!"

- LC, Alumna, ERC Chicago

“ERC changed my life. When I went into treatment I thought that I would have my ED for the rest of my life and now I consider myself in recovery, living a life worth living. ERC offered a treatment approach I had never received before. They taught me so many skills to use when I have strong urges and helped me learn 'normal' portion sizes. They gave me a meal plan that is very easy to follow in my everyday life. All of the staff there are so kind, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. They want the best for you and push you to reach new goals daily. It's still a struggle but I am winning the fight and I have ERC to thank.”

- AK, Alumna, ERC Ohio

“ERC allowed me to get to a place in recovery that I had never imagined I could get to. When I admitted, I didn't expect my relationship with food and exercise to change as much as it did. Thanks to the caring staff and their unwillingness to give up on me, I have gained so much more freedom in my life. I would highly recommend ERC for anyone, even if they don't have hope for themselves. ERC held hope for me until I could find it for myself.”

- KL, Alumna, ERC Washington

“ERC saved my life. That's the truth and the bottom line. Although that may seem like an exaggeration, it's the truth. The staff out in Denver are very kind and take the time to be with you and speak with you. They really are there to walk this journey with you. The groups were very helpful although I've already been in treatment several times before. ERC was intense, and it was what was needed. They really pushed me and pushed my rigidity. I appreciated the fact that my dietician helped me challenge my food beliefs. I honestly can't thank ERC enough for helping me to feel more rooted in myself and to encourage me and help me believe that a life in recovery is possible. Life doesn't have to be a continuous relapse cycle!”

- AG, Alumna, ERC Denver
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