February 05, 2019

With Willow, We Grow our Roots in Patient Care

denver eating disorder treatmentERC Denver Opens New Hospital for Adults 
Unless you’ve visited us at Eating Recovery Center, Denver, you may not know our staff lovingly refers to each of our facilities by their own unique tree name.

Over the last decade, we’ve grown a small forest of communities — with names like Aspen, Conifer, Evergreen and Spruce — to treat children, ‘tweens, teens, young adults and adults struggling with complex, life-threatening eating disorders and related conditions. Soon, we will open a new hospital in Denver, affectionately given the moniker Willow by our ERC family. 
Willow will join our adult services communities to create an inclusive campus providing continuity of care for adults. Here, patients requiring 24-hour intensive, highly-focused, and multi-dimensional care will receive treatment. 
Willow is the result of an ever-growing need for the very best care for the most complex illnesses. Over the past four years alone, we’ve seen a 71 percent increase in patients who need 24-hour inpatient or residential treatment. 
Eighty-five percent of our patient population in Denver are from out of state. When patients first arrive in our care, they often feel broken. They are suffering from an illness that has the highest mortality rate of any mental health disorder. They are at the sickest and most vulnerable point in their lives. Many may have lost hope that they will ever experience recovery. 
Under our roof — our canopy — we hold hope for our patients when they do not have it. We know that by providing them the very best medical, psychological and psychiatric treatment, they will begin the long, difficult process of healing. 
We know, with proper care that nourishes their bodies and their souls, people grow deep roots. Little-by-little, they’ll be able to see the sun filtering through the leaves — and their branches will begin reaching up towards that light. We know that they will begin to flourish as they reconnect with their values. 
Patients who spend time in Willow will learn that, like the tree our hospital is named after, they are resilient. They are strong and able to bend and flex in the midst of the storm without breaking. 
Willow is so much more than a hospital. It provides us the means to serve even more patients and their families… to restore hope… to teach them that they are all willows. 
“Be like the willow, able to bend without breaking under the weight of the storms that come your way.” ~Unknown
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