Self Care

A Journey of Emotional Wellness

By Hannah Bibbo

Emotional wellness is an essential factor in one’s mental health; emotional wellness refers to one’s ability to process their feelings and manage the stress of everyday life. It can change day-to-day, and since it is constantly changing and evolving, we wanted to provide you with some tips you can use on your path to resilience for Emotional Wellness Month.

During our 2021 Pathlight Conference on Mental Health: Transformative Solutions in Mental Health Treatment, Sheila Robinson Kiss, LCSW, MSW, led a session on resilience called “Getting Past Overwhelmed: Celebrating the Resilient Edge.”

“You light the path. Humble. Dedicated. Singing for humanity. An unsung hero. Today, we shout for you. I shout for you. Thank you. Celebrating one small, immense victory at a time. Never seeking the light because you are the light. Energized, present, tired, yet determined to support humanity. Where is the humanity? On this straight, winding, rocky path, your light is the answer. Your light is the humanity. Welcome to your time.”

Shelia Robinson Kiss, LCSW, MSW

During Sheila’s session, she created a roadmap to follow. Even though everyone’s journey of emotional wellness is different, everyone can still use these tips to improve and celebrate their own resilience.

Be Intentional

It’s not always the big events that will take you down; instead, sometimes it’s those smaller habits that you are doing that get in the way of your emotional wellbeing. Re-evaluate your habits and be intentional about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Make a difference in your life by addressing the little things that can be put in place.

Queue Up the Environment

This includes the environments of your mind, life, work, home, and spirit. What you are working and focused on should be right in front of you. For example, if you want to meditate in the morning, do not wait until the morning to see how you are feeling. Set up reminders so the things you need to meditate on are the first things you see in the morning.

Know Your Why

Think about “your reason.” What wakes you up in the morning and gets you excited about the day?

Face Your Stress

Ignoring stress and trauma opens the door for maladaptive behaviors and heightened anxiety. Instead, validate and do not disassociate. Cultivate a new perspective that helps you make sense of things, and identify your protective factors, including family, friends, and hobbies.

Control Your Narrative

“We don’t respond to what is happening. We respond to what we tell ourselves is happening.” You can tell yourself many things are happening, so make sure they are accurate and positive. Think about at least one positive internal message that you are committed to every day.

Those are just a few things you can do to support yourself on your journey to emotional wellbeing. If you registered for our 2021 Pathlight Conference on Mental Health, you can always re-watch Sheila’s session in our conference hub to dive deeper into her suggestions.

If you didn’t register for our 2021 conference and feel like you missed out on the content, you can sign up for our 2022 Eating Recovery and Pathlight Foundation Conferences; the first 200 people who sign up will receive a special code to attend at a discounted rate!

Written by

Hannah Bibbo

Hannah is our Digital Marketing Strategist based in Denver, CO with an email and content marketing background. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Strategic Communications in 2018 from…

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