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June 25, 2018

Become an ANAD Recovery Mentor

Have you ever wanted to help others in eating disorder recovery by sharing what you have learned along your own recovery journey? ANAD has a great opportunity to help others as an ANAD Recovery Mentor
Karina is one of ANAD's incredible team of peer mentors, who spends about 1-2 hours a week emailing, calling, and texting with her three mentees. She offers support, guidance, and encouragement, which reinforces her own recovery along the way:  
"Recovering from an eating disorder is an arduous journey. It can feel like swimming upstream alone. And swimming upstream is hard work; to swim against the flow of the river requires grit and support from people who want to see you succeed. Once my eyes were opened to true recovery and genuine liberation from my eating disorder, I knew I needed to share this gift with others. As an ANAD mentor, I can help others swim against the flow of the river.
Not only has being a recovery mentor helped me contribute to the healing of individuals who share the same difficult experience, it's also reinforced my own recovery. It's easy to "talk the talk" and try to motivate others. It's difficult to also "walk the walk," but that's the type of ANAD mentor I aspire to be. When I share advice and coping skills with ANAD mentees, I try to apply those bits of wisdom to myself. Recovery is REAL, and in a way, it's also lifelong. Even after we are recovered and behavior-free, we can continue to grow and heal our hearts -- this is the gift that ANAD's mentorship program has given me. Although my mentees and I are in different stages of our recovery journeys, we can continue to heal together as we dive further into recovery."
ANAD is committed to supporting Karina and all our mentors with training, regular check-ins, and other opportunities to get involved. If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming an ANAD mentor, please visit our website to apply, or reach out to for more details. 
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