June 08, 2018

My Recovery Letter - David's Story

son in eating disorder treatment recovery storyHey Son!
Mom and I are so proud of all the hard work you are doing in recovery and living a full life as a high school junior. 
I don’t know what you think about being back in school. But I do. This is your first, full, year of school without a relapse and a return to treatment. I know you tell us how incredible it is to be back at your school, in your life, and living without your eating disorder. 
I see the sparkle in your eyes, having fun times with your friends, and hear the laughter in your voice. I can see that you are truly choosing your life values over your eating disorder. 
I do, though, constantly worry. If the eating disorder should try, really hard, to regain its control over your life, will you reach out for support and communicate with us, and your outpatient team?  
I know you are aware that we can see when a meal or portion may prompt an eating disorder thought or behavior. You let us know every time! But, it’s that family support that you don’t fight, anymore. You now let us in to help during those moments which are, thankfully, becoming less and less. 
As you start your college search with an ambition to attend an out-of-state university, I worry about the little moments when an eating disorder thought might pop back up.  As you know, a therapist will be in your local reach, but your family will not be with you at meals while you are at college. 
So, when you get a “Hey, don’t forget, your eating disorder is still here and ready for you, anytime you want”, type of message, I want you to always remember, not just your skills, but how incredible your eyes sparkle, how much fun you have with your friends, and how beautiful you laugh.  
Your life is yours; you have it, so hold onto it as you enter the world as an incredible young adult in recovery! 
Love you,
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