June 09, 2020

Need Information on Eating Disorders? We Can Help! — Millie Plotkin

Have you heard of the Eating Disorders Information Gateway?

The Eating Disorders Information Gateway (EDIG) is a resource offered by Eating Recovery Center. This website provides a single portal where anyone looking for information on eating disorders can access a variety of materials.

Millie Plotkin, Informationist for Eating Recovery Center and partner programs, has developed a user-friendly interface to provide professionals and families with easy access to relevant information on eating disorders prevention, diagnosis, treatment, insurance and legislation.

You can find the Eating Disorders Information Gateway website here. With this resource, we hope to help advance public understanding of eating disorders.

Who can use the Eating Disorders Information Gateway?

Anyone! It contains both consumer and professional resources. The public database includes a limited selection of articles that are available to all users. If you would like to access the full library, please click the “Request an Account” button in the upper right of this page. Your request will be reviewed, and when approved, you will receive an email with your login credentials. It’s free!

Does the Eating Disorders Information Gateway contain full-text articles?

The Gateway is primarily a citation database, with links to publishers and copyright holders. Due to copyright and paywalls, not all links are to full-text articles. However, whenever legally possible, free links are included. Full citation information is included, so articles can be requested through university and public library inter-library loan (ILL) programs.

Can I contact Millie for help with research?

Yes! Anyone in the eating disorders field can contact Millie through the “Submit a Request” link on the Gateway website. Millie can do literature searches on specific topics and will respond with a list of citations and links.

How do you search on Eating Disorders Information Gateway?

You can start by doing a search on the Homepage, or use the Advanced Search tab to narrow your results. There, you can search by Keywords (subject headings), Authors, Journal titles, Resources Types, or any combination of these. 

What Resource Types would you like to search?
  • Assessment tool = validated diagnostic and assessment tests
  • Book = professional monographs, clinician guides, self-help books, and general books on ED topics
  • Book chapter = individual chapters from books on mental health or professional monographs
  • Dissertation/thesis = college and university student research
  • Electronic articles = web-published articles, mostly at the consumer level
  • Informational handout = brief guides to specific ED topics, often from non-profits such as NEDA

What Subjects are you searching for?

Subject headings in the Gateway are called Keywords. You can learn about them by looking at the Keyword Browse tab. Click on a word or phrase and the database will show all the resources that have been cataloged under that term.You can also use the Keyword Hierarchy Browser, which has the terms sorted into categories.

Do you have a question about a specific resource?

Each record has a unique Record ID. You can use that number when you contact Millie.

As we mentioned above, feel free to contact our Informationist Millie Plotkin with any questions about using this resource. We hope this resource is of benefit to you as you search for information on eating disorders.
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