Meet Leah Young, Eating Recovery Conference Session Speaker

Leah Young, LCPC, will be speaking at our upcoming Eating Recovery Conference on Eating Disorders: Transformative Solutions in Eating Disorder Treatment that takes place at the end of this month, August 26 and 27.  Leah will be leading an on-demand session with Lisa Lackey, LCSW, CSAT, CMAT on Sexual Compulsivity and Substance Use Disorders in the Eating Disorder Population which will be available on-demand for conference registrants through December 31, 2021.

Leah is the Clinical Manager of the Addiction Recovery Track at Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight Behavioral Health Centers. Leah has been with ERC Pathlight for over 4 years, introducing substance use treatment and education into the Mood, Anxiety and Trauma, Binge Eating Treatment and Recovery and Eating Disorder Programs at all levels of care. You can read more about her background on our conference page.

At our Eating Recovery Conference, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from Leah and other experts in your field, earn up to 15 continuing education credits and more. Registration ends on August 20. Register today and don’t miss this opportunity.

Leah on Her Session at our Eating Recovery Conference

I’m presenting on sexual compulsivity and substance use in the eating disorder population. I am passionate about this topic because these co-occurring disorders are too often ignored or avoided due to stigma and shame that come from societal, cultural and family expectations. And, unfortunately, sometimes the treatment field perpetuates these co-occurring disorders by not talking about them, not taking them seriously or assuming that their population doesn’t deal with them.

Leah on Why She Wanted to Enter the Mental Health Field

I wanted to get into the mental health field after seeing Silence of the Lambs. In grad school I was placed in a primarily group focused substance use program and fell in love with the process and the magic that occurs in groups.

Leah on her Passion and Primary Focus

My primary focus is running ERC and Pathlight’s substance use programming. I love working in this field because I get to bear witness to so much truly miraculous change. Substance use treatment and addressing potential sexual compulsivity is imperative and if we don’t address it, at least on some level, I believe we are doing our population a disservice.

Leah on How She Supports her Own Mental Health

I support my own mental health by spending time with my daughter, having a good laugh with a movie, tv show or book, dancing to 80s/90s music or doing some challenging crossword puzzles.

Leah on Her Biggest Inspiration

My biggest inspiration in my career has changed over time. I’ve been inspired by mentors I’ve had coming up, my daughter, and the drive to be a voice of advocacy and stigma reduction.

Leah on What She Hopes Attendees will get Out of her Session

I’m hoping attendees will become more comfortable discussing these topics with their patients and clients. That alone is worth its weight in gold.

Register today for our Eating Recovery Conference on Eating Disorders: Transformative Solutions in Eating Disorder Treatment for $79 before registration closes on August 20. Add our first annual Pathlight Conference on Mental Health: Transformative Solutions in Mental Health Treatment on for double the learning opportunity for just another $50.

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