Say It Brave

Meet the Say It Brave Collective

What happens when a group of mental health advocates, artists, storytellers, and writers come together to talk about their lived experiences with mental health? When real and unique voices join forces to create an inclusive community dedicated to ending stigma?  

You get Say It Brave: a community that believes that sharing your truth in a safe space, or “Saying It Brave” is essential to healing.   

Our Say It Brave Collective is a group of mental health advocates who help humanize the recovery experience by sharing their expertise, hope and hard-won wisdom. We encourage you “meet” them in our first ever group video, released last week!  

Here are a few of our members, sharing in their own words, what Say It Brave means to them:

What I appreciate about Say It Brave, and what ultimately led to me being a Collective member is that I know there will be representation here for the many unique stories and experiences we all have surrounding mental health. Together, we can be a force for change and it feels good to be part of the community.

Kara Richardson Whitely

What I love about Say It Brave is that we’re here to say, resoundingly and collectively… you aren’t alone.

Ashton Grooms

There is something comforting about a collective group of people willing to share their unique experiences. Not everyone has similar experiences, but we all have a similar goal: end mental health stigma. And that is a cause worth joining forces for.

Lindsey Hall

Sometimes I still struggle with asking for help or speaking up about my mental health. But when I “Say It Brave” and speak my truth in a safe space, I’m always so glad I did. Authentic connection can be a real gamechanger. We aren’t meant to recover alone.

Shannon Kopp

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