Celebrating National Social Work Month

Held each year by the National Association of Social Workers, Social Work Month is an annual observance to educate, honor, and understand the profession. Even more people than ever are entering the field, making social work one of the most rapidly growing professions in the nation. With almost 720,000 social workers in the country, that number is expected to grow by 12 percent by the end of the decade -- reinforcing an ongoing and urgent need.

Social workers have proven integral to the very fabric of our society for decades, working to support people in crisis and spearhead programs & movements like the minimum wage, Social Security and Medicare, and more. This year’s theme is “The Time is Right for Social Work,” with an acknowledgement of the ways in which social workers “rose to meet the most pressing challenges of all our lifetimes.” From the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to issues including systemic racism and economic inequality, social workers are on the frontlines: dedicated to improving well-being, particularly among the most vulnerable.

Read the following quotes from social workers on our own Alumni & Family Liaison team, and learn how social work has positively impacted their own trajectories:

“Getting my master’s in social work has provided me with the knowledge to help create community within the mental health population so that no-one has to travel their healing journey alone”

Niki DuBois, MSSW, LMSW Alumni/Family Liaison | San Antonio, Austin, and Round Rock

"My Social Work education taught me that there is always room for growth. Change is difficult and there are so many things we do to protect ourselves from discomfort, but to transform into a better version of ourselves we must be willing to ask tough questions, be open to the answers, sit in uncertainty, apply what we learn, and do better in the future."

Cara Spagnola, MSW, LISW, LCSW Alumni & Family Liaison | Ohio, Illinois, & Wisconsin

“Social Work has helped me build a community of people who actively work towards their own healing as they continue journeying throughout the world bettering the world one step at a time. It is through healing others that we help heal ourselves”

Shawn Pham, MSW, LSWAIC Alumni & Family Liaison | Maryland

"Social work has shaped my thinking so that I'm almost always considering issues from a systems perspective- how changes/decisions impact both those in power and those without power."

Alex Harrison, LCSW Alumni & Family Liaison | Colorado and Maryland

"A Social Work education instilled in me the importance of asking, How do I think about difficulties in living? Feel about change and loss? Relate to uncertainty? As my answers shifted, my professors inquired further, What kind of impact do you think this could have?

The work of a Social Worker is to care about the complexity of what it is to be human; to honor the intersection between internal and external, self and other. It is this unavoidably intertwined person-in-environment phenomenon that is foundational to the Social Work profession.

To be a Social Worker is to commit to stay in that space, with a relational presence of not-knowing and curiosity; to hold the deep conviction that access to meaning is possible, if allowed the safety to experience it."

Lisa E. Bloom, MSW, LSW Professional Relations Liaison | Chicago

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