Eating Recovery Day: Why We Celebrate

Learn statistics and facts about eating disorders and understand why we must celebrate those in recovery. Join us on Eating Recovery Day: May 3, 2016.

So many of the statistics surrounding eating disorders are sad.

  • There are 30 million sufferers in the U.S and one-third are men
  • Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness
  • There has been a 119 percent increase in admittances in the last decade for children under age twelve
  • There is a high incidence of eating disorders among the gay population
  • One person dies nearly every hour as a direct result of an eating disorder

This makes you want to take your loved ones and curl up in a dark room with them, doesn’t it? And it may also make you wonder: how can we celebrate such a tenacious, prevalent illness on Eating Recovery Day?

Here’s why:

Because full recovery from an eating disorder is possible.

We focus on the alarming numbers as a way to get your attention. We do this to reinforce the fact that this is a serious illness. It’s a clear voice ringing through cluttered conversations to make people pause. To listen. To learn.

Eating disorders are not a choice, they are an illness.

The harrowing statistics above allow us to have a greater conversation. They encourage people to seek treatment or take action on behalf of a loved one who may be suffering. Because (I’ll say this again) full and lasting recovery can happen with the help of specialized care. Today, as a beacon of hope for those who are currently in the grips of their illness, we celebrate the possibility that you can achieve freedom from your eating disorder. We celebrate the men, women, adolescents and children who are currently fighting the good fight against their disorder. And finally, we rejoice with those who have defeated their illness, have moved forward and are living fulfilling lives free of their disorder. So let’s do it. On May 3, let’s celebrate stories of success.


“I never really knew what happiness and contentment felt like. It's something that you can never really understand or explain until you feel it.”

-Nicole, former anorexic


“I tell everybody, you don't have a choice to be sick, but you have a choice to recover. I've seen things on both sides and I don't want to go back to the other side because it wasn't good.”

-Jennifer, former bulimic

Today, we encourage you to participate. Share information. Celebrate success with us. Tell your story. Happy Eating Recovery Day.

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