ERC Saved Our Son and Became Part of Our Family [A Parent's Story]

Find out why this Eating Recovery Center (ERC) alums family is so grateful as you read their true story of recovery after eating disorder treatment.

To the wonderful staff of ERC,

“Thank you” seems inadequate to express the pure gratitude we have towards each of you as we face bringing our son home after a very long 17 weeks. It may seem odd that I say that an eating disorder treatment facility feels like family, but it is our truth.

On December 3rd we reached out to Christy Jones via email and simply said in the subject line “We need your help.” We wrote to her to tell her that our son had relapsed and that we would need to bring him back to Eating Recovery Center. Not only did she reply during her evening time with her family, she triaged me to Brittany who responded immediately and said, “Please call.”

Within hours, I was told that a bed would be waiting when my son was stable enough to come. And, when we delivered our son back to ERC on December 9th, we returned back to his original care team from 2014. As you can imagine, we were still reeling at the thought of having to do this again. But, we knew that our son was in the best care possible and that you would each work your magic to give us our son back again.

We knew we had come home to family. The warm reception and welcome back we received was comforting and familiar.

Yes, we have had some tough days with our son this time, as with the last time. It was a different journey this time, still challenging and frightening. I know we have a long road ahead but I think we are actually more realistic this time knowing that recovery is not a straight line. We know we will have ups and downs. I also know, however, that we are the best equipped that we have ever been to handle anything thrown our way. We will bring back many gifts we have learned through each session we attend. I am confident that we will stay in sync and follow the plan.

I am cautiously optimistic as we get ready to discharge on Monday. But, once again, ERC has not disappointed. You each have guided us along his journey to get him back on track. From intake to discharge, your incredible insurance department, your wonderful caring PCAs, your nurses, all the other therapists, your concierge, the receptionists at PHP and even the kind security guard who let us in the residential building — each of you have played a huge part in healing and you have touched our hearts.

To Christy, Dr. Mike and Brooke: I don’t even know what to say except “Thank you” for taking on this challenge and once again getting our son to the other side. Your expertise, guidance and care is like no other in the country.

We survived each challenge with Christy telling us how to react and how to respond. She guided us along the way and never led us astray. Christy understands our son so well and always knew exactly what he needed to find his way back.

Brooke also was instrumental in his care. She understood his irrational thinking, all of his fears and she knew exactly how to help prep and plan for each meal. Each time, both of these women were spot on and truly understood the needs of our son.

Dr. Mike, I wish I could take you home. Your insight and guidance on our son’s health challenges has been invaluable.

Dr. Easton, thank you for oversight and ensuring that our son got everything he needed.

To all of our caregivers: You each have a gift in your skills and professional expertise that is best in class. We will never forget what each of you have done for our son and for our family. No matter how many times we say, “Thank you,” it will never fully express our gratitude. You are all tremendous and incredible people.

We look forward to coming back to ERC to share our journey again. And we will always be willing to help other families in any way we possibly can. I am hopeful that this relapse will be our son’s last but if something should go awry, we will know where to go!

Our prayer is that this will be his last visit. THANK YOU and God bless you.

Kind regards,

- Shirley B.

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