The latest in pro-eating disorder culture: Jewelry (

Chief Marketing Officer Julie Holland Faylor, MHS, CEDS is the National Eating Disorders Examiner. Read an excerpt below from her blog post "The latest in pro-eating disorder culture: Jewelry".

Sometimes it seems as though there are awareness-raising bracelets for every cause these days. Thick rubber bands, braided strings and charms in all colors, shapes and sizes symbolize the fight against the world’s perceived evils and dangers, including cancers, mental illnesses, developmental disorders, gun violence, bullying and drugs. But a new bracelet has recently garnered attention of media, parents and mental health experts alike because it is actually intended to promote and sustain the deadliest mental illness—eating disorders. Many people may be surprised to find out that these bracelets are not a new phenomenon. They’ve actually been around for a while, popping up here and there over the years with different designs but a singular unchanging mission: to show support and solidarity for nurturing and continuing these serious, life-threatening illnesses. However, a troubling difference with this most recent surfacing to pro-eating disorder jewelry is the backdrop of the growing “thinspiration” movement, which is supported by an increasingly robust online community championing eating disorders. Websites, discussion forums, social media profiles and blogs spread pro-eating disorder messages through pictures, tips, strategies and personal stories both glamorizing and encouraging eating disorders. These pro-eating disorder messages are also known as “pro-ana” and pro-mia.”... Visit her blog to read the article in its entirety.

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